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7. Chloe's mind starts to change

6. Chloe gets bit

5. Let's meet the bride

4. Are those wedding bells in the

3. Mind-Mirror Mosquitos

2. Unstable Universe

1. The Drafting Board

Mind Mirror Mosquitos: Sisters but not (yet) twins

on 2020-02-13 16:25:55

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Chloe took in the details of her sister's wedding dress. The beading on the bodice, the lace, the gorgeous flowing skirt and long train. It really was perfect. Chloe couldn't remember feeling this giddy when she watched her sister try it on for the first time, but today it felt like a totally new level of excitement. Maybe it was the champagne.

"Chloe, can you help me out?"

She went over to help Brianna into the dress. First helping adjust her sister's strapless bustier, making sure it was straight and secure. As she did, she felt a constriction around her own torso. An identical bustier had materialized on her - ivory white in contrast to her pink robe. But even though it felt tight as she moved, she knew it was the perfect thing to wear for her sister's perfect day.

Then she and her mother helped Brianna slide the dress on. It was surprisingly heavy, despite looking so light and elegant. Brianna was so lucky to have found it - it really was one of a kind. Jeff would be floored when he finally saw her in it. The thought sent butterflies through Chloe's stomach, as though she couldn't wait to see his reaction. She stopped herself when she sensed where those thoughts were starting to go...

Jeff was a nice guy, and handsome to boot, but Chloe had a boyfriend of her own! Joe was a nice guy in his own right, sweet and thoughtful. Though it seemed like they'd been dating for so long. When was he ever going to pop the question? Jeff had worked up the nerve to propose to Bri way sooner! And it was a beautiful proposal too- a romantic dinner, just the two of them, and... wait how did she know that?

Chloe drew the zipper up the back of Brianna's dress as she tried to make sense of her confusion. She was trying not to let the things she couldn't control be a bother, but she had a growing nervousness, a sense that today was just as important to her as it was to her sister! Their mother handed Brianna a pair of gorgeous, rhinestone encrusted, chandelier earrings which she promptly fastened to her ears, then turned to the mirror.

Chloe looked at her sister, then herself, watching her own identical earrings (which hadn't been there a second ago) sparkle in the light. She smiled. Today was going to be perfect!

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