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8. Anomaly in Anatomy

7. Bath Time!

6. Karyn

5. 2.0

4. The real alien Overlords

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

The Real Alien Overlords: Anomaly in Anatomy

on 2012-08-10 02:37:44

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After we finished, we toweled off and headed back to our rooms to prepare for the day. I don't know about other nobles, but the Queen, and by extension, her wife, had a fairly routine schedule. I would eat breakfast after morning bath and them have the ready of the morning to do as I pleased. Then, after a light lunch, it was off to the palace to deal with whatever problems had come up since overnight, and finish up anything that hadn't been resolved the day before. Then, just before sundown, I would have a fairly heavy dinner and a relaxing evening bath, before going to bed.

First things first, we had to get dressed. Since we were going to be hanging around in the courtyard and surrounding gardens for a good long while, we could wear something comfortable as opposed to formal and dramatic.' 

I let out a little sigh of appreciation when I saw that my favorite dress was washed. It was a slightly darker shade of pink than I normally wore, but I still loved it.' 

It was strapless, instead supported by my seemingly gravity defying bosom. The upper half, the bodice, was made of a light silk satin that felt wonderful against my skin. Even though it was strapless, it had kind of a bowl shaped top, so it came to just underneath my armpits, but then curved down to reveal the top of my cleavage and some of my upper back. (I know that seemed hypocritical after snapping at Sarah, but my outfit wasn't even close to being as revealing as hers had been.

The skirt was made of pretty, soft feathers. It started at the waistline with a downy fluff, but the feathers got steadily linger until the ones brushing my ankles were six inches long.

After Karyn tied the ribbon in back, I did a little pirouette and helped her into her chosen morning gown. She went for something much simpler, the only details on her light purple dress were the slight ruffles in the skirt and the sash around her waist.

Of course we were still unshod. [shod - wearing footgear] The only people who still wore shoes were the army, because they were the only people that still went places where it would be, uncomfortable to go barefoot. But there was still a hierarchy. The common foot soldier wore simple boots, but the higher in the ranks you went the more graceful and feminine they were, along with higher heels. The highest ranking generals had a full six inch heel.' 

Hand in hand once more, we walked out of the courtyard and off onto on of the little side paths that led through gardens. We stopped by a little brook that was musically splashing around a bend. A soft blanket had laid out with dishes spread across it.' 

Interestingly, the people of this reality were essentially vegetarians. The majority if our diet was made up of assorted fruits, occasionally supplemented with a very sweet bread and natural honey. We had milk with every meal, but it wasn't milk from domesticated animals. In fact, the only domesticated animals we had were beasts of burden and pets. The milk was woman milk, provided by servants. It wasn't ever made into cheese, for some reason that was considered disrespectful, but it often was made into cream, although the milk itself was so thick and rich that there wasn't a lot of difference.' 

There was one other way it was processed. As per one of my wishes, the special food that only the royal families could eat was, chocolate. In a way, that made sense. The chocolate in this world was very rich in healthy fats, sugars and pheromone carbohydrates, but also very hard to make. So it made sense that such a beneficial but costly food would only go to the highest ranking people. Technically, anyone could eat it, but anyone who wasn't related to a Queen within two generations, including by marriage could be punished by law.

For Jon-me, it was a very weird experience. We chatted about random girly stuff, we giggled at just about everything, and we shared bites of food. We shared a fork in eating little chances of a very small piece of chocolate cake. We both used the same golden goblet to drink the rich, creamy milk from the matching pitcher.' 

One time, I dipped one of the grapes on the plate into the cream. I put it right in from of Karyn's lips and she automatically opened. However, when I went to place it in her mouth, I tilted it up slightly and smeared some cream across her upper lip. "Oopsie," I said, putting one hand over my lips and pretending to blush. "Let me get that for you."

We leaned together and I captured her upper lip between mine and gently began sucking. I didn't call her Sugar Kitten for nothing. The cream that I had smeared, combined with the honey still lingering from our bath and her natural sweet taste was devine. I deepened it into a full kiss, slipping one hand behind her head to pull her closer. Then I felt a pressure against my lips. Thinking it was her tongue, I opened my mouth enough to allow penetration. But that wasn't it at all.' 

Apparently she hadn't swallowed the grape, and she had just given it to me. We passed it back and forth several times, staring deep into each other's eyes and trying not to ruin the moment by laughing. Finally we ended in a tug of war, each of us trying to suck the grape completely into our mouths. Then, with a muffled pop! the grape exploded and juice erupted into both of our mouths. We started giggling uncontrollably, rolling around on the blanket laughing our heads off. It was a good thing we had already finished up most of the food, otherwise we might have knocked something over.
When we were finally able to control our laughter, we stood up and, leaning heavily on each other for support, began strolling back to the courtyard. When we arrived, Karyn gave me a light kiss and said, "Sweetheart, it's been so long since I talked to my Mama, would you mind if I talked to her for a little while?"

"Of course not Beautiful," I answered immediately, giving her a butterfly kiss with my eyelashes. "I'll miss though."

"Not as much as I'll miss you," she replied, pecking me on the cheek and dashing off to where the hologram machines were kept. It was a little weird, futuristic hologram communication next to old-fashioned marble buildings and fancy dresses, but to me it was perfectly normal.

In a way, I was glad Karyn had something to do. Not because I didn't want her near me, anything but. But there was something I wanted to check on my own before I showed it to her. I took off at a fairly fast pace in the direction of the royal library.' 

Once in there, I quickly found the book I was looking for. A Watered Down Guide to Woman Anatomy. Of course it wasn't actually called that, but considering it was only about 50 pages long, it would be an appropriate name. I laid down across a couch, smoothed out my dress and started reading.

Most of it was the same between the old reality and my new one. I also already knew about the hair thing. One thing I did learn about was fat distribution.' 

Apparently, there were two main places where fat was stored. First, a thin later was stored evenly all along the body. This was thicker on the torso, and diminished the further down the limbs you went until the hands and feet had none, along with my head. Unlike in the old reality, where fat stored across the body could build up until you were all fat and blubbery, the thickest this layer could only get about 1/4 in thick before fat was redistributed to the other main storage area.' Which was, of course, the butt. Unlike the round-the-body storage, this could theoretically build up indefinitely.' 

The reason for the distribution method was that in this reality woman evolved from Arctic living humanoids. The fat acted exactly like a layer of blubber on a whale or seal. Fortunately, evolution also made women attracted to other women that were warm and soft.

After reading that, I took one finger and lightly pushed it into my upper arm. I was both pleased and slightly weirder out to find that my arms was slightly squishy.' 

The next part of the book was about pregnancy, lactation and mother daughter relationships. That defiantly interested me, but before I could start it, a soft breeze blew through the room and caused several pages to flip over. The book turned to a picture of the woman muscular system.

For a moment I just looked at it, then suddenly I noticed something. I began turning through pages, looking at different diagrams, making note of similar anomalies. I was so focus I didn't even notice that I'd developed a habit of sucking on a few curls of hair.

' Suddenly an upside down face appeared in front of mine. Karyn gave me a spiderman kiss, then I scooted over and let her sit next to me. "What are you studying so hard, love?"

I pointed down at the picture and said, "What about this seams weird to you?"

"Oh beautiful, you know I'm bad at science. I don't know anything about woman biology."

"Okay, I'll show you. See these muscles control the shoulder blades and arm movements." I said pointing at the pairs. "And these muscles," I continued, "help the abs in supporting the main torso. But these over here don't see to have any purpose. They kind of help support the body, but when you flex them nothing moves."

"Okay, so maybe they are those, um, you know, the organs that used to to used but now aren't?"

"I think you mean vestigial organs. But I don't think so. Look at this bone structure. It is much lighter and more hollow that you'd expect it animals our size. Also, out lungs are much bigger proportionally than you'd think we would need."

"So?" she asked.

"Well, there is only one other groups of mammal that has similar differences, and they in turn share those with one of, much larger class."

"And what are those two groups," Karyn asked, although it looked like she had an idea.' 

"Bats and birds. The bones make them light enough to fly, the lungs held them get enough Oxygen at higher altitudes."

"So, are you saying we used to have wings but we lost them?" Karyn laughed.

"No, we've never had wings, but I'm saying it would take very few changes to turn us into a flying species." I turned my head towards her and gave her a knowing look.

Realization dawned on her quickly. "No! You don't mean, using the stone," she finished in an undertone.' 

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