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7. Bath Time!

6. Karyn

5. 2.0

4. The real alien Overlords

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

The Real Alien Overlords: Bath Time!

on 2012-08-08 11:36:27

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Finally, Karyn started to pull away. "At this rate we'll be that last ones to morning bath. What will everyone think if they see their queen stumbling in late?"

"They'll probably think she was spending the morning getting acquainted with the body of her lover, the beautiful Karyn of the Galli system." I gave her a mischievous grin and rolled out of bed. I made sure to add a sexy little sway to my hips to jiggle my butt. Laughing, Karyn clamored out of bed after me.

I grabbed my fluffy pink bathrobe off the rack near the curtain. It was so long ' that, even with my protruding chest it reached my ankles. I tossed Karyn her purple one and, after she had it on, I took her right hand in my left and we walked out into the main area.

We stepped into a large courtyard. I wasn't certain of the exact dimensions, but I knew that there were three room the size of mine on each of the four walls, and four towers of equal length and width at each of the corners. Of course, the middle room on the North side was replaced with the white marble pathway that led into the main part of the city. All nine of the rooms on the South, East and West sides were made of the same pink marble as mine. The two on either side of the path were made of blue marble, identifying them as servants' rooms. The towers were a red marble, the color of soldiers. The floor of the courtyard itself was the same white marble that led away from it.

' I was just about to lead Karyn over to the bathhouse, when we heard a shrill scream, which preceded a blonde haired bullet grabbing me around the legs. "Siiiiiiiissssssssssyyyyyyy!"

I picked up Michele, my youngest sister, and hugged her to my chest. "Hey Angel, how are you?"

"I'm fine Jessie." she said before giving me a kiss on the cheek.

She looked like an 11 year old clone of me. I mean, there were some obvious differences because of her age: her face still had a tiny bit of baby fat hanging around the corners, her bathrobe easily reached the floor because she only had little budding breasts, her cute little heart-shaped booty didn't have any more fat than her face, and her ringlets, though they were the same strawberry blonde color as mine, only just reached her shoulders. The whole effect, however, was to make Michele a cute, bubbly, carefree little girl and that's the way I wanted her to stay for as long as possible.' 

I tried to put her down so she could walk with me, but she squeezed her arms around my body. "No Jessie, don't put me down. I like it when you hold me, cause you're so warm and soft." To demonstrate, she poked my chest, causing my breasts to jiggle a bit, then she snuggled her head down on top of them. I turned to Karyn to ask for help, but it was taking both of her hands to keep her from laughing. Okay, there were some times that I couldn't wait for her to grow up.

"Hey sweetie," I gave her a kiss on the forehead, "I love you too," another kiss, "but you can't have me forever."

It was a good thing I was holding on to her, because she finally let go so she could cross her arms and pout. "Why not?"

"Because soon I'll have another little girl to hold." I set her down on the ground and put her hands over my belly. Just like Karyn, she looked puzzled until she felt the kick. "And I'm going to need you to her big auntie for me. Can you do that?"

She started clapping her hands and squealing at the top of her lungs, bouncing up and down causing her curls to fly all over. But before she could answer, another voice called out to us from a little ways away. "Come on Jessica, why didn't you tell us sooner?" I turned my head and saw Sarah sashaying over to us. Wow, Jon-me thought, even in this reality she still uses her body to attract attention. I had to agree with him, she certainly wasn't doing anything to hide herself.' 

Even though we, Sarah, Karyn and I, all wore the same standard size bathrobe, she had tied hers so that all of her cleavage was showing. She was also walking in a way that made her butt push against the fabric, giving everyone behind her a clear idea what it would look like uncovered. Of course neither Karyn nor I felt any ill will towards her, she was, after all, my 14 year old sister and we got along great.

"Sissssyyyyyy," Michele whined, "Jessie says that all princesses need to be modest." Sarah laughed a little bit at that, but a stern look from me made her tighten up her robe.' 
Five minutes later, the four of us had been joined by Athena, the daughter of the Governess of the the Afack system and betrothed of Sarah, and Whitney, who behaved the same way with Michele as Karyn used to behave with me, innocent, not yet realizing the full power of the feelings they had for each other. We were lounging against the side of the bath, enjoying the pleasantly warm water. Well, Sarah, Athena, Karyn and I were lounging. Michele and Whitney were wadding through the four foot deep water playing a game of tag.

My hair was thick and glossy, having absorbed not only the mineral water, but also the milk and honey mixed into it which provided the extra nourishment needed. I took a breath a submerged, covering my body in the slightly sticky solution.

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