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6. Karyn

5. 2.0

4. The real alien Overlords

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

The Real Alien Overlords: Karyn

on 2012-07-29 12:35:23

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It was such a weirdly exuberant feeling. Maybe I'm just weird but the idea that I was going to be a mother, even though five minutes ago I was a nerdy loser boy, made me all warm and bubbly. Suddenly I thought of something. If I was going to be a mother to this little girl (she had to be a girl, everyone in this reality is) than I would need to know more about this reality. "I wish that I have all the knowledge, memories, mannerisms and the personality I should have if this was my original reality."

A white glow flashed out of my body. Suddenly I had the feeling of being shot, in the head, with a cannonball, made of words. Information worked it's way through my head like parasitic worms, eating the old memories and replacing them with new ones. Of course, the old memories were still there, it was just harder to focus on them. And my personality hadn't changed much, just some minor differences between boy and girl.

Unfortunately, the sound of my voice stirred the girl I didn't know I was sharing a bed with. I turned to look at her, and as she rolled over allowing me to see her face, my memories and my eyes answered the question of who she was.

It was Karyn.

However, she was different. She looked a lot like me, but her eyeshadow, blush and lips were all a light purple instead of my pink. That made sense, because my new memories told me that pink was the color of royalty, and purple was the color of nobles. Even though Karyn was married to me (but marriage was different in this reality) she was still only a noble. Even though her body was hidden by the silk pink sheets and the thick fluffy pink comforter I could still see her tasty curves. Even though her bosom wasn't quite ' as big as mine, it was still a very ample size. My eyes traced over her cute booty, her long legs. I couldn't tell if she was pregnant like me because there was a big bunch in the comforter right in that area, but it pulled the comforter up enough to see her cute little toes. In one aspect I was jealous of her, and that was because all of her hair was in perfect, tight, bouncy ringlets, not just her bangs.

Just as soon as I thought that, I felt and heard a flurry of movement behind me. I turned to look and quickly saw what it was. My hair, on it's own, had somehow styled itself into ringlets just like Karyn's. How did it do that? Suddenly the answer came to me in the form of knowledge that hadn't quite be fixed yet. Apparently, in this reality, our hair was alive.

Now most people would think, duh, isn't all hair alive? But really, your hair is made of modified dead skin cells that are pushed outwards as more are added to the bottom and held together by some weird chemical. But in this reality, hair was much more complex.

At the center was a tube made of some weird fibers that were really small. These were about the size of an old reality hair. Attached to the outside was tiny layer of muscle. Around that were the capillaries and nerves and the outside was a thin coating of a skin like substance that gave our hair it's natural sheen. But this hair acted like a straw, slowly sucking up water at the end and with it, any dissolved minerals. Also, the large number of nerves made the hair supersensitive. That meant that running your hand through someone's hair was way more stimulating than it used to be. The last thing the hair could do, thanks to the strength of the fibers and the existance of muscle, was move around under a person's control.

I played with my hair a bit, pulling it up into a big bun, then letting it fall down and become as straight as possible. Finnaly I put it back into the ringlets. Just as I was about to walk away to see what was outside the curtain, I heard Karyn.' 

"Sweatheart, come back to bed with me. It's way to early to be up." She had one eye half open and a pretty hand reaching out across the pillows. I could have stood there mesmerized by her high, melodious voice for days, ' but I almost felt bidden to join her.

' I glided across the room in three steps and slipped into bed next to her to grasp her hand in mine. I ran my other hand gently through her hair causing her to moan in pleasure. I then intwined my fingers together around her waist. She sighed contentedly and snuggled her body into mine, and nuzzled her head into my cleavage, which felt amazing. She then did something that was a little weird, but I quickly reciprocated. She caused her hair to straighten and wrap around our bodies, pulling us into a warm cocoon from the waist up.

I suddenly realized she was sobbing, and a few tears were already trickling between my breasts. I gently lifted her chin up so I could look into her big Bambi eyes, swimming with unshed tears. "Sweatheart, what's wrong?" I asked, kissing her gently on the nose.

The barest hint of a smile crossed her face but it quickly vanished. "I'm always afraid when I wake up and you're not there. I think you've decided I'm not good enough for someone like you and you've gone off to some other girl." As she said this she closed her eyes and looked down, embarrassed. The last, faint little piece of me that was Jon wanted to scream at this outburst of girly emotions but he was quickly squashed down. "You probably just think I'm being silly, don't you?"

I bent my head down and pulled her into a deep kiss. At first she resisted my probing tongue so I satisfied myself by tracing her lips. Finally she let out a moan of pleasure and I used it to press my advantage. I used my tongue to trace a message on hers: I love you. "Sugar Kitten (don't laugh, everyone has a pet name for there lover and anyways, Kitten and Karyn sound the same and she did taste like sugar) I love you and I will never leave you. I can't." The confused look on her face was so precious that I pulled her hand down and pressed it to my belly. The look changed to surprise and then joy when our baby (probably sensing Karyn) decided to give me a love tap.' 

"Is she, ours?" Karyn's glee was almost exactly like a child's on Christmas.' 

I gave her a little peck on the nose. "Of course love, who else?"

"Oh Jessica!" she practically squealed, throwing her arms around my neck and pulling us even tighter together. I reciprocated, wrapping my hands around her waist and tightening our hair cocoon. Our lips met and our tongues began an intimate dance between out mouths. I squeezed her so tight I could feel her nipples pushing into my belly. She let out little panting moans of pleasure. I wrapped my legs around her waist and began grinding my hips against hers. Suddenly, with a wet pop, my now well lubricated pussy lips enclosed around hers and stuck fast. Karyn let out a little gasp and pulled out of the kiss. "Jessica, we, we don't have time. You're the queen. They need you."

"I need you more," I breathed in response. She gave a little contented sigh and didn't protest when I pulled her into an even deeper kiss than before. We began trusting back and forth, grunting with effort. We moved faster and faster as our arousal grew until, with the feeling that a thousand suns were exploding inside me, I climaxed and sent my hot juices racing into her body. We were so tightly wrapped together that we could only try to arc our bodies and our screams of passion were swallowed in each others mouths.' 

Afterwards, we lay there, bodies still intwined, giggling softly and stroking each others hair.

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