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9. Breakfast with the girls

8. The empire strikes back

7. Memories and Mannerisms

6. Getting dresses, a long and pa

5. A new world, a new body

4. The real alien Overlords

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Breakfast with the girls

on 2012-04-04 03:38:51

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After the meeting, the litter caries Miranda, Madison and I back to our chambers. We were somber on the way back, quietly morning the children. It wasn't until the doors were opened that my spirits were lifted. Karyn and Sara were standing there smiling at me.

I ran down to them and cried, "Sisters!" I hugged them close to my body. "Jessica!" they said, hugging me back. I kneeled down to look them in the eye and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. "I missed you girls so much!" I had gotten here so late last night I hadn't been able to see them. "Are you girls hungry?"

"Yes Jessica!" they sang.

"Well we'll just have to see what Michelle has cooked up for us."

A special maid was appointed to cook food not only for the queen and princesses, but also all of the other maids. The cook had to bath at least six times a day just to he able to be in the same room as the queen's food. She also wasn't allowed to touch the food, she wore gloves constantly just like everyone else. We sat down in fancy chairs at a small table with a pink table cover. I was almost salivating over the food.

Interestingly enough, the special food that only the queen can eat is chocolate. In fact, all other people can't eat food, they can only drink or eat smoothies. But the queen needs a high fat energy source. Another strange anatomy fact, all extra energy is stored as fat in the butt, but the royal family stores half of their fat in their bosom. All of that stored fat was to insure that both in the womb and outside, royal babies were well fed.' 

On a white china plate was the best chocolate cake I'd ever seen in either world. It was a foot across and six inches thick. It was made of three even layers, each a different type of chocolate. The bottom layer was a rich fudge. The middle layer was thick dark chocolate. The top layer was a fluffy milk chocolate. Each layer was separated by a chocolate frosting and more of it was spread all around. A pink cream made flower patterns around the top.

There were no other plates, only a fork for each of us. The cake was not meant to be portioned out, but eaten in chunks. We each had a warm glass of milk beside us. The milk was, of course, provided by Michelle in the kitchen.' 

I took the time to look at the girls, both for the perversion of my passing former self and the quiet satisfaction of an older sister taking care of her little sisters.' 

Though they were identical twins, I still could have told them apart even without my new memories. Their gloves were shorter than mine, only reaching their elbows. Their dresses were sleeveless, clinging tight to the top of their newly forming bosoms. By old world standard with would be big for 12, but they weren't nearly as big as they would hopefully get. They clearly didn't have as many layers as I did. They had skirts as proportionally wide as mine, but no flowing train to drag behind them. The skirt was either covered in or made of a downy fluff.' 

Their hair was done in the twin buns Leia had in the Starwars movies. Their braids were so big because our hair was never cut, so they had two massive blobs of hair that bounced with their movements. The only jewelry they wore was a thin gold necklace each and their faces didn't have the natural makeup look mine did.

We laughed and giggled a lot at everything. We took a strange delight in feeding each other pieces of the delicious cake. It was weird, because I kept switching between sisterly and motherly. One moment I was about to fall out of my seat at a joke Karyn said, and the next I was cleaning some chocolate off Sara's mouth with one of the silk napkins.' 

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