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2. A middle aged guy

1. Altered Fates

David swaps lives

on 2015-05-24 21:25:01

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It was getting late, the sun was setting as David pulled at the house. "Hi, I'm Susan" a kind looking said approaching him. "I'm here for the stuff" he replied.

David got out his car, his boss owned a auction house in town and so he went round buying up the stuff nobody wants. He handed Susan a brown envelop. "thanks it's all crap, your welcome to it, need a hand?" She smiled.

"Nah, I'm good, I'll get it loaded and head off" David said loading his boot and back seat with the various bits of old junk.

He wasn't young and after graduating in engineering he hadn't found much work, so was left doing odd jobs for the old auction house. He was smarter then that, but times were tough. Now aged 38 and still single he wondered if he would ever find a good job or if he would be stuck making ends meet for the rest of his lonely life. He sighed and wiped the sweat from his head enjoying the last moments of the warm day.

It was late when he finally got the things unloaded, an envelop was left as payment, he counted it, he would enjoy himself tonight. Checking him out in the bathroom mirror he took stock of his stubble covered face and ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair, he still had a good head of hair even if it had started going grey.

He hit the streets and soon found what he was looking for, three young women stood under a lamp post their pimp stood close by.

He pulled up, there were three women a tall Hispanic woman with large breasts and shapely hips and short brown hair, a short Asian woman with straight black hair, and a pale ginger hair woman with freckles, both of these women were short and lacking in curves. "How much" he asked.

"Well sugar, depends what you've got" said the. Hispanic woman, "A hundred" David replied. "Well then, the new girl will have to do you, don't worry she's 19 and clean" she grinned swatting the tiny ginger woman on the ass. "sure she will do" he replied, he had hoped for a woman with more curves, someone more like the Hispanic woman in front of him.

The ginger girl opened the back door and got in, she wore a skimpy red dress and a fur coat, she looked terrified.

The Hispanics woman stuck her head in the drivers side window, "be back in two hours top, or it'll cost you extra" she said smiling, however the menace intended was noticable in her tone. David pulled away.

"don't worry, My place isn't far and I'll have you back in time, you just get comfy" he said.

Scarlett looked around the back seat, she had only been working a week and she hated it, but since her bank had refused her any more credit and her landlord had kicked her out she had little choice. At least this guy seemed nice, if a bit old for her tastes. Thankfully she had always enjoyed sex, and if she wasn't being paid for it she would probably be picking random guys up anyway.

Then she noticed a box on the floor, "What's this?" She asked picking it up and opening it. "just some junk I must have missed, you can have it if you want" the guy driving replied. She looked at it, a bit of bronze costume jewellery, it was old but was kinda pretty in an odd way, she put it on. There was a note, but she wasn't big on reading and who cared, closing the note in the box she sat the box back on the floor, "Thanks" she said.

David pulled up at his trailer, it wasn't much but it was home, but to Scarlett it was like a mansion inside, a double bed, a kitchen a TV and couch, so much better then the room she had lived in and the bunk bed she currently shared in the den where the hookers stayed. She had been in care all her life and never had her own stuff, or not much of it anyway. She sat on the bed, "So what would you like?" She asked the guy. She was getting used to the lack of formality, so few guys wanted to share there names, it was unusual to even have a room, although she had gone to a motel earlier win the week with a much older guy, she pushed the wretched memory out of her mind, she needed to focus... At least until she got started.

"a blow job then sex?" David said nervously, he disliked hookers... No that wasn't it, he disliked having to pay for sex, but he was lonely and women always wanted to know his business and he was ashamed of the little he had achieved with his degree. No he told himself, this was better, no questions, just sex.

The woman just smiled sweetly then got on her knees and undid his pants, carefully she started caressing his balls and shaft, her cold hands sending shivers down his back. He gently placed his hands on her head as she placed his hard cock in her mouth. Gently liking and sucking. He felt amazing, this is just what he needs to take his mind off things.

"on the bed" he said pulling her off of his cock, he needed to be buried inside her "Would you strip?" He asked.

Scarlett surpressed a giggle. The guy was such a nerd, she pulled off her shoes, then coat and dress, then finally her underwear and retrieved a condom from her purse. "You have to wear this" she said placing the cold rubber on the end of his cock and rolling it over. He felt ready to come, he sighed staring at the amazing woman, her tiny B cup breasts and perky young pink nipples, her shaken pussy stubbly with rough orange hair, the weird medallion nestled between her breasts. Quickly he climbed onto the woman and fumbled between their legs. "let me" she said finding his cock and adjusting it to her opening. He pushed in, she groaned, smiling up at the consentrating man above her.

Her mind drifted, she hadn't got on well at school preferring smoking in the girls toilets to studying or getting in fights with cheerleaders after sleeping with their boyfriends. After school she couldn't find work, she had tried cleaning, but she hated it and waitressing was no good as she got the orders wrong... Would she be stook fucking for a living, stuck under the thumb of a pimp paying all her money for food and clothes and the right to sleep in his den. A grunt and a shudder pulled her back to reality as the mass on top of her relaxed and cuddled up to her their bodies squashed together, she felt electricity. That was odd she thought, she had never orgasmed during intercourse and she wasn't in the mood for it, but the weird tingling felt nice and warming. Looking around the shadowy room she noticed a pile of textbooks with formula on and pictures of engines and aircraft and a digital clock...

"Hey, mister, we best head back." She slapped his back, he rolled over. Worryingly the warmth seemed to be growing. "I don't feel right" the guy said standing up, "You don't have anything do you?" David panicked.

"No... But I feel weird too" Scarlett replied defensively. She stood up next to him... Did he seem shorter. The heat was turning into a pain as she felt her muscles and bones trying to force their way outwards.

David felt terrible, like he was being squashed a huge pressure on his shoulders and arms and legs like someone was pushing his limbs shorter. Was he shrinking. In horror he noticed the ginger woman gaining height. "what's. Happening" he croaked, his voice sounding funny.

Scarlet the looked in horror as she was now taller then the guy, who was looking paler and more famine by the second, his hair growing longer and gaining a ginger hue. It was to much the fe mine shrinking guy in front of her fainted. She looked at the clock, she had to do something.

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