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2. An ambitious scientist

1. Altered Fates

Charlotte a PhD Student, buys the Medallian

on 2015-05-03 12:20:50

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Charlotte had to get out of the lab, David was being unbearable. Adjusting her thick glasses the 21 year old Physics graduate signed her self out. "see you Chris" she said to the security guard at the space research centre and hopped on her bike.

She decide to head to the marina, she needed some fish and chips and maybe some cake. Yes cake would be nice and the bakery on the marina had the best chocolate and cream gateaux she had ever tasted... And she had tasted a lot.

Charlotte would always eat when she was fed up, or stressed, or bullied and she was always being bullied, her long curly hair, thick glasses and even thicker behind all saw to that. Cycling along the empty streets she came across a yard sale. Maybe she could find some nic knacks for the office she though.

Hopping off she pushed her bike around the tables, there was a full length mirror at the end, she stared at it. She wore a maroon sweater which did well to hide the rolls of fat beneath, however her impressive breasts were sweaty beneath in the lunchtime sun and a darker spot had formed between them, she sighed, she had always been short and fat, her pale freckled face pouted its thin pink lips. Her hair a mass of thick orange hair, her green eyes were pretty but magnified behind the thick lens of her glasses, without which she was pretty much blind. She turned to the side, her ass and thighs were huge, the dress she wore doing little to hide the bulge behind her. Her bare pales freckly calfs just visible before her black platform boots. She sighed again as her stomach grumbled.

She was just about to give up and head off to fill the void inside her and try not to think about David or Professor Lee or how lonely she was in her tiny student room or her housemates that laughed at her as she waddled around the house, when she was a box.

She walked towards the mirror and the plain box next to it, she had always been curious and wondered if it hid any secrets. Inside she found a simple medallion and a note. Reading quietly she smiled at how stupid the idea of magical jewellery was, but the medallion looked nice and would hide her sweat mark, taking it out the box she put it over her head and looked in the mirror, it looked good nestled between her breasts. She would take it, calling the lady over she paid Susan for the necklace and went on her way.

Susan didn't recognise it, but then she thought she didn't recognise a lot of the stuff she had on sale. The box sat open on the table as a breeze caught the note within and it blew onto the lawn and lost.

Charlotte arrived at the chip shop, "Hi Dr Church, the usual" said the kindly Indian man behind the counter, "Hi, Tony, yeah please..." Charlotte smiled and paid the man. She wasn't a doctor yet and probably never would be the way things were going, but Tony was her friend and didn't really understand what went on at the university and she was a good customer.

She took her chips and sat on the marina, her chubby legs dangling over the sea, she ate and watched the ships bobbing in the bay.

Charlotte was a good student, she had always prefer books to people, but now she looked stupid. David was amazing he played football and was the star quarterback, he got a 1st class degree in physics and the lecturers loved him, he had loads of friends and always had a different attractive skinny skanky woman hanging off his arm. He was mr perfect, each morning he arrived at the lab fresh from the gym late, then would correct all her work and head of to have tea with Professor Lee.

She was jealous, she sighed, she shouldn't be... It had been her dream to work with Professor Simon Lee, he was the worlds finnest expert on space prep Ultron and his machine to warp space by bending time was unbelievable. Sadly she didn't understand it and she felt sure she was only picked as a student because she was so hard working, it was her job to test the machine and collect the data, sure it was nice to be a part of it but she wanted more, she wanted to be the one coming up with the ideas... For the first time in her life she felt stupid.

As a child her mind was what set her apart from the other kids, sure she was short and fat and plain and ginger, but she had been the smartest in her class, heck in her town. Now she was below average in every way, she had nothing... Well she had cake.

She got up... It was an effort, but she was up... She headed to the patisserie next to Tony's, "Hi Sam" she said to the elderly lady behind the till, "Hi Charlotte, I have saved you a slice" she smiled, retrieving a thick slice of gateaux from under a plastic cover. Charlotte took it and paid. Walking back towards the research centre she picked the dark cherries off her cake and into her mouth and smiled, Inge were not so bad as long as she had cake.

Pushing her bike along she finished her cake, "well time to get back to work" she sighed as the happiness of eating was replaced with the anxiety of reality. She carefully mounted her bike and cycled back to work. A passing teenager whistled, then shouted "Fat bottom girl"... Charlotte held back the tears, it was going to be another long day.

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