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3. The next morning

2. Angela the Congressional Assis

1. Altered Fates

Next morning

on 2011-06-14 21:04:16

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The next morning Angela awoke with a dry cotton feeling in the mouth. She looked around and wondered where she was.

Boy she really got drunk. She remembered going to Jackie Reillys pub and flirting with that tall dark guy in the pool room. What was his name?

She looked around and saw that she was in a cheap motel and alone. "Oh shit!" I didnt take birth control. I don't know if I was on anything the day I last wore this or even if I was, if it would work.

She put her clothes on and decided to head home to go back to her middle aged self. Now, who can I use to get that cap and trade bill thru congress she wondered.

Maybe I should go to Max for help, she thought. Max was her co-worker and best friend on the congresswomans staff. He had been working on the Hill for over 20 years and knew everyone. Hmm...Maybe I will surprise him and go as my college aged self....

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