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2. Angela the Congressional Assis

1. Altered Fates

Angela a Congressional Aide

on 2011-06-14 19:51:48

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Angela was having a bad day. First, she was late for work because some dope driving a truck hit an overpass. Damn fossil fuels. Not only killing us slowly, but making me late. Then when she got there, someone spilled coffee on her new dress. Then some jerk hit her new electric car in the parking lot. Then the bill she had been working so hard on got shelved by the Republican leaders in Congress. Her boss, Congresswoman Smith had tried hard to push it through, but to no avail. The right wing and conservative talk radio uproar made sure that the moderate Republicans in congress were afraid to even let it come to a vote.

On the way home she saw a yard sale and decided to stop. As she looked thru the assorted nick-nacks spewing across the foldout tables, something caught her eye.

"It couldn't be." She thought to herself. The legendary Medallion of Zulo! She read about it on the internet and if the stories were true, it could solve so many problems.

"How much for this" she asked? The woman manning the table said "5 bucks". " It's a deal" Angela replied with glee.

She ran to her car and sped on home, although she had to resist the urge to speed too much- she didn't want to get pulled over and get a ticket now.

Once she was home she examined the medallion more closely. An ugly bronze thing with an angel on one side. It didn't appear to be anything special.

Luckily, it was Friday so she didn't have to work tomorrow. She ran upstairs and pulled out an old sweatshirt she hadn't worn since college 25 years, and 25 pounds ago. She touched the medallion to the sweatshirt and felt a slight shock. She turned towards the large mirror in her closet and waited. After a minute she began to feel a tingle. She saw her hair getting lighter, longer and pouffier. She saw the wrinkles on her face disappear and the extra weight she was carrying melt off. After 5 minutes it was done. It worked!

She looked the same as she did in her senior year of college back in the 80's. Even her hair looked like it was timewarped back to the 80s.

She considered the possibilities. Tonight she could go out and party like she used to if she wanted. However, long term she knew she could use this to make the world a better place. If she used it to take over for the right person, she could get the bill passed.

The question was, who could she gain access to, and who was in the best position to change things?

Limbaugh? Hannity? Beck? O'Reilly? Coulter? Or go straight for someone in Congress like Boehner or Cantor? Or one of the pols running for the 2012 nomination- Romney? Pawlenty? Even Bachmann or Palin!

But before she was going to change the world, she was going to get drunk and get laid.

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