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Magic Bookmark thread: Followup

on 2020-01-07 03:18:41
Episode last modified by Enjeubleu on 2020-01-07 03:57:18

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Making a Bookmark thread is smart, the comments were getting a little hard to follow in the original story.

As for not having any episodes in mind, I have plot planned out right until the end of the summit; I might be a little busy these coming days, but I could easily keep the story going for a while longer (unless anyone gets inspiration, of course).

--For the two ideas--

  1. I think this adds a solid layer of tension to the story. Jon and Karen quickly figure out that they need to act IC to properly communicate at all, so figuring out that doing so leads to undesirable consequences would lead to one of two things: that they're on a time limit, and need to get out before whatever side effect they're dealing with gets too bad; or that they start some sort of IC economy, letting the story take over until they need to do something specific.

Maybe this could cause some drama? One of them stay IC as much as possible, slowly succumbing to the effect, while the other tries to hang on for longer--at the expense of having no freedom.

  1. That is a great idea. I'm curious to how the stone would manifest: would it appear before Jon when he reaches the required character development? Or does it become incorporated into the story, leading Jon and Karen to scramble to get their hands on it before anyone else does?

Maybe that could be the source of the human war, for example; everybody wants a piece of that wishing rock.

That's not even accounting for what happens when he does make the wish. Would it be at the climax of the story? Or would it send Jon and Karen into even more of a convoluted mess?

I'm getting genuinely excited thinking about it.

EDIT: Should I post an outline of what I have planned? It might be useful to receive preemptive feedback.

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