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2. Magic Bookmark

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Magic Bookmark thread

on 2020-01-06 10:40:20

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Assuming people still use the forum, it might be better to collaborate here instead of the comments.

I don't really have another episode in mind right now but two ideas (one submitted by a friend that I can't take credit for, one my own)

  1. To give more interactivity but also danger to the scenario: The more in-character Jon and Karyn behave as Allaria and Seraphina, the more nuanced control they'll have over what pops out of the filter. This is already sort of established but might as well formalize it. Say this means 100% IC behavior grants Jon or Karyn 100% control of what comes out.

But being that this is a tf story, 100% IC behavior may have creeping consequences, either purely psychological (the whole becoming the mask trope) or magical.

  1. This isn't mine but I think it's great.

Remember how the thread originally started years back? Jon wishing away the stone until he was more responsible? Well it's been suggested to me that at some point in the story Jon might count as having learned how to handle a magical item responsibly. He gets the stone back...only for the Allaria IC filter to ruin the wish.

Just ideas. Nothing I necessarily 100% want to develop myself. But the brainstorming tends to help and might lead to good content.

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