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3. shoes

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

tall as you

on 2010-12-18 17:20:19

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She looked at her feet watching for some sort of change. She had used one of her daughters sandals hoping that she might gain some height from the exchange. Then she noticed her toenails no longer had any polish on them which was the sign of her daughter alright, a tomboy to the end. Her feet seemed to grow a little bigger as her daughter wasn't quite her shoe size and then a tan line appeared at the place her daughter usually wore her socks she watched as here skin started to gain the same tan as Jenny's also clearly showing how far the transformation had progressed. Finally when transformation got up nearly to her ass she stopped not wanting to have a copy of her child's vagina. When she was sure that the transformation was complete she checked her self in the mirror. She looked strange with her body being that of an older woman but with her daughters young strong legs. She started some stretches seeing that she wasn't that flexible since she hadn't copied her daughters butt and this was disapointing. She then decided to throw on a skirt and go get some sandels to fit her new feet.

After a day of adventuring in the backyard woods Jake and Jenny were coming home.

"I wonder if mom made dinner yet?" Jenny said trying to smell some food.

"I hope so I'm starving." Jake said as he opened the back door. "Mom! Were home!"

"Oh good you two are back!" Mom said as she walked out of the kitchen and immediately noticed that she had gotten a little closer to her children's heights.

"Mom you seem, different. Is that a new skirt? It makes you look taller." Jenny asked.

"No but your close. I was searching around a Yard Sale and found this medallion." She said holding up a cheap looking medallion.

"Anddddd....?" Jake said.

"And it lets the wearer change into anybody they want if they touch a piece of clothing to them." Mom said.

"Ok mom I hope your joking cause you seem a little crazy right now." Jenny said.

"Oh Jenny you mean you don't recognize anything." Mom said as she turned and lifted part of the skirt she had to show a healing gash on them that Jenny had received a week ago.

"That looks like a gash i got last week. Those are my legs! OMG It does work!" Jenny said excitedly as she stood next to mom and put their legs together and found that they were a perfect match. "This is So cool! You have to let me try!"

"Wow they are the same. What are we going to do with it?" Jake asked.

"Well I was thinking we would use it to make this the best summer yet. Just think, every activity could be enhanced by making a body to fit. there are just a few catches." Mom said as she explained what the note had said.

"So kids what do you want to try first cause I can't do anything for the next 11 hours." Mom asked

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