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2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

A mom and her twins

on 2010-04-27 03:55:13

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Anne Brown was searching around a yard sale while she waited for her children to get out of school when she came across the medallion. It was the last day of school for her kids and being a teacher herself she was looking forward to the long break she shared with the kids. She had gotten out a week earlier since she taught at a private school and had a different schedule than her kids. Anne was a 39 year old women with C-cup breast and a fit body due she had her kids to thank for. She had brown hair and wore it to her sholders. She would like to have sent them to a private school but when you don't have a husband after he walked out on her and the kids you don't have much choice. Her kids were twins named Jenny and Jake, one last joke their father had left them though she still enjoyed calling them JJ when she wanted to save time. They were both 16 turning 17 in the summer and she was proud of the way they were turning out. Jake was your average teenage boy with brown hair brown eyes standing 5'9". He was athletic but not overly ripped. Jenny his sister was almost the same amount of average except for some traits that always left her mom wondering were she came from. She was a pretty girl, not a knock out by any means but a pretty face and some b cup breast. The kicker was the dirty red hair she possesed that she always wore in a ponytail. Along with the suprising height of 5'8" compared to her mom who was 5'5". They both shared an enthusiastic sense of adventure. You named it and as long as it wouldn't kill them they would try it. From rock climbing without ropes to white water rafting they gave each idea a try. They even jumped off a roof once on a bet to each other, after they scaled it themselves of course. What pleased their mom the most was the inseperability of the two. This didn't exclude them from the often pranks pulled on each other or teasing that comes with every sibling rivalry but they always did things together and if one of them was going to jump off a roof you could bet the other one was right behind them.

Well Anne Brown, or "Mom", was just killing time at the yard sale not expecting to buy anything when she noticed the medallion. Intrigued for some odd reason by such a simple object she picked it up and read the note. After reading it she was both excited and cautious. The note seemed real but if so why sell it so cheap? "Oh well" mom said, "for a couple bucks its worth the chance expecially if it does all it claims." With that she checked the time and saw that it was almost time for school to let out. She hastily bought the medallion and went to pick up the kids.

Later that night while the kids were out running about the neighborhood she decided to give the medallion its first test. The note had promised great things. It had told here that the medallion was called the Medallion of Zulo and that when you wear it if you touch a piece of clothing to it you change into the person who wore that clothing last. The change would start in the region that the clothing covers a work its way about the body within 30 min. You could also stop the transformation at any point by simply removing the Medallion. Also if you touched the medallion to a person while wearing it you both would swap bodies. Their were restrictions though such as the time limit of 12 hours until you could use the medallion again so she had to make sure she was ready to be somebody else for half a day. Second was that you can't change back if you are a pregnant woman or a women on her period. Other than that it all seemed free game and Mom was about to try the first step. She decided it would be noticeable but not a full transformation. She didn't want to deal with such a huge shock so she had a fairly simple demonstration that would get her kids to believe her and not think she was crazy. "Well no turning back" she thought as she pressed the fabric to the medallion and stared intently into the mirror as she felt a tingle originating from the medallion.

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