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15. The expeirament

14. New day New body

13. rest of the day

12. The rest of the day!

11. Jenny Encounters Unexpected Pr

10. a D-cup Bikini top

9. A small Problem

8. Mega Mom

7. The Drive

6. an intresting morning

5. To wake up a "New Man"

4. Mom's shopping trip

3. a hair band

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

Well He liked them

on 2010-06-10 04:40:40

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"Ok Jake you ready to be all grown up again?" Jenny asked the happy baby as mom put the medallion around her neck.

"So what you want to try.? An extra arm, leg, head?" Mom asked in broken English.

"Well use these two things just so we have more control over what she's going to be. I'd feel bad if she was uncomfortable." Jenny said as she handed her mom a bra and a pair of shorts after covering the babies eyes. "Lets get this started my Middle eastern mom."

With that Jake felt a sudden tingle in his body he knew he was changing. The hand came off his face and he held up his baby hand as he saw it start to age. It got bigger and bigger and eventually he could stand again, soon talk.

"So what did you guys do to me? I hope that I at least get to be a boy this time." Jake commented as he patted his crotch in hope of something regrowing.

"Well sorry Jake but I kinda forgot to pack a lot of boys clothes. In fact only had a few sets since I'm so used to buying for women it just slipped my mind. So your going to have to get used to having a vagina and tits. Maybe you'll even have a period and understand what me and your sister have to go through." Mom explained choosing to say it without an accent to make it easier on her son.

"What! You mean this entire trip I'm going to be a girl?" Jon screamed sounding like the 8 year old he curently was in his transformation.

"Sure are little sis. Now put on these clothes so your not naked when its done." Jenny said as she put a huge t-shirt on him that curently draped him like a dress, also hidding the special change that Jenny had added from her brothers eyes. "By the way while we wait tell me how this stuff tasted to you. Hell take a sip to and tell me iff you taste a difference since its gonna be gone after your done changeing." Jenny offered as she let her breast free from the bikini.

"Well actually it was delicious and I would love to try some more. It will also take my mind off what you guys did to me." the now 14 year old said as she sucked on her sisters chest. "Well its different. Still tastes ok but not the same pleasure as before. Something feels off about my chest." Jake said as he scratched the small mound that was growing on his chest. The sat in silence as they watched him finish changing. When he anounced he was done he was a 17 year old girl with curly brown hair that was cut in a boyish fasion. She seemed about 5 foot 5 inches, a little shorter than what he was used to but still better than being a baby. It seemed as if he was in good shape as his mucles were toned and slightly visible, a quality both his mom and sister curently lacked. Overall he was an athletic girl that seemed to be a tomboy by the looks of her hair cut. His mom forced him to put on a pair of panties and his sister gave him a pair of shorts that she said she used for the transformation. The t-shirt prevented him from looking at his tits since it was still baggy but he could determine that they wern't that big if they could be hidden that easily, thank god.

"Theres still something off about these tits. I mean I know its my first time having them but god." Jake said as he removed his shirt to get a better look and was met with a suprise. He saw two tits relatively small, probly an A-cup but under them there was a third tit! He had the basic package but then there was a slightly off color and smaller boob right below them. "Jenny! Explain!" Jake screamed as both Jenny and mom awed at it.

"Well mom I guess thats what happens."Jenny said pulling out an altered bra from behind her back. It was grey but below it was one cup sewed on to the bra itself. "I'll bet this works now." she said as she tossed the bra to her new sister.

"Jenny! You made me a freak!" Jake screamed in a high shrill voice.

"Calm down Jake its just for 12 hours besides the rest of your body will be easier to manage. Your also the first 3 tited man, congradulations." Jenny said calmly. "Now I believe its my turn."

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