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14. New day New body

13. rest of the day

12. The rest of the day!

11. Jenny Encounters Unexpected Pr

10. a D-cup Bikini top

9. A small Problem

8. Mega Mom

7. The Drive

6. an intresting morning

5. To wake up a "New Man"

4. Mom's shopping trip

3. a hair band

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

Baby B gone

on 2010-06-02 20:12:31

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Jake woke up the next morning hungry. He looked around and saw that he was in a giants lap. "Whats going on why am I so small?" he tried to say but all that came out was a babies cry. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh" Jake quickly remembered all the events of the last day which only made him cry more.

"Oh shut up your only going to be like that for a little while longer. Why did you have to wake me up?" Jenny groaned as she sat up holding Jake. "Well I guess we might as well change you back lets go find you." Jenny giggled at her own joke as she walked outside to where she last saw her giant mom. Instead she only found an imprint in the ground where she had laid. "I wonder where she went?"

"Oh good your up come into the kitchen!" a strange voice called from the house and Jenny curiously followed it. As she stepped in she was greeted by the sight of an Indian, from India. She looked like she was in her 20's had brown skin and black hair reaching down to her waist and perfectly straight. She looked healthy and had slightly toned muscles. Her chest wasn't as impressive as the rest of her as it only seemed to be a B cup. She also had a red dot on her forehead showing the culture of the country she was from. What she was wearing was far from her side of the globe though, a tank top and cargo shorts, and she was putting out 2 plates of eggs on the table. "Sit down Jenny eat." The woman that Jenny was assuming was mom said, though in accented english.

"So I guess you changed without us Mom. Nice body but why are you talking like that?" Jenny asked as she sat at the table still holding Jake in her arms. "Also we need to change Jake back I think he's had enough."

"Well your right I'm mom. I thought that as long as you kids were sleeping I would go ahead and change my self so we could start the day early. I wanted a young body and I didn't do to bad, just didn't expect to have changed races. Also about the accent it sort of comes with the body." Mom explained as she closed her eyes. "I can turn it on and off if I think about it but its just easier to speak with an accent then without one." Mom said in perfect English. Also I know that Jake wants to be a big girl again but I was thinking that we could put off going into town a couple of days if when we're young we eat the little that fills us up. So in this case he can get the free milk that you make yourself. I hope he's okay with it unless he doesn't like the taste. Just hold him up to your boob and let him make the decision.

Jenny did just that and Jake quickly started drinking again. "Well mom I came up with an idea yesterday and thought we should try it out." Jenny said as she ate her eggs.

"Really now? and what kind of idea was it?" Mom asked intriuged.

"Well I thought, 'What would happen if a shirt had three arms or if pants had no zipper, what would they change into?" Jenny asked.

"Hmm. I don't know, but I'm assuming your ready to find out?" Mom said once again speaking in accented English.

"Yup but not on me." Jenny giggled as she switched Jake to her other breast. He had no idea what was in store for him. Though he didn't pay attention to the conversation happening around him for he was savoring the breast milk he had grown to love.

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