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3. Going to Work (alt)

2. Drew the College Student

1. Altered Fates

Going to Work (alt)

on 2011-08-24 04:03:03

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Drew put the medallion in his shirt pocket and headed off for work at the local hospital. He decided to have some fun with the medallion when he was there, as it was his day off. He checked in, saying he'd do a couple hours of extra work and walked up the stairs. And there she was. The big bombshell-boobs woman who was his assistant. Her name was Tina, and she was Asian with D-sized breasts. He knew because one day the tag was sticking out.

"Hello Dr.Drew!" Tina said with a giggle. "What brings you here today, is this not your day off?"

"Hello Tina, I've decided to work a couple extra hours today. Hopefully with you..."

"Oh, you're so sweet Drew, how would you like to do something in room 674, I hear there's a girl who want's something from you... She then smiled and cupped her breasts with her hands and pushed them up and down. She then started walking away and said

"6:30 sharp." With a wink.

It was 6:14, so Drew had time to kill. He went to his computer and searched up Medallion of Zulo stories, to refresh his memory of what it does. He closes his computer after a quick privacy sweep and goes to room 674. Waiting there, he saw Tina, still dressed in her tight-fiting nurse outfit. Drew was most excited, as he could steal her clothing.

"Hello Drew. Come here, big boy". Tine said.

"Hey babe. How was work?" He said while undo-ing her buttons.

"Oh, same old, same old. You know. Hospital stuff. I was waiting all day for this, baby." She then undid her one button on the short skirt and pulled them off, revealing a thin thong.

Drew had taken off his shirt and jeans already, and just finished her buttons. Tina then took her bra off, revealing her jiggling jugs of pleasure...

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