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2. Drew the College Student

1. Altered Fates

Drew, the college guy

on 2010-03-17 17:46:55

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Drew absentmindedly picked his way through the yard sale. He was a 22-year-old college student, and as such was broke, but was always on the prowl for something cheap that might look cool on his desk.

Drew lived a pretty normal college life; he worked at an ice skating rink during the summer for a little extra cash, and studied business management during the school year. He was finally just one year from graduation, and had been promised a managerial position at the rink when he did. It wasn't a dream job by any means, but a guaranteed paycheck once he graduated was comforting. He lived alone and wasn't dating anyone, but had a large group of friends from work and school that kept his life from being too boring.

Today, though, his life would get much more interesting.

He had heard of the Medallion of Zulu; after all, who hadn't? He just never thought he would find it at a yard sale, marked at a price of only $2. Drew snatched the nicked and scratched medallion and frantically searched his pockets for money. Finally, he found a crumpled 5-dollar bill in his jacket pocket. Trying to hold a poker face to disguise the value of the trinket he now carried, he paid and left the yard sale with his invaluable treasure.

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