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9. Jerseys

8. Competing

7. Executive Suites

6. Drew Tells Kate

5. The Next Morning

4. The Storm Hits

3. Going to Work

2. Drew the College Student

1. Altered Fates


on 2013-05-23 23:04:35

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Drew ducked into the first suite he saw an grinned from ear to ear. Inside was an NHL jersey - from Pittsburgh Penguins great Mario Lemieux! Drew could scarcely believe his luck; he remembered that the NHL owner and legend had been in town to watch a game and scout out a local college star who was entering the NHL draft that year. He would absolutely have been in a suite... and here was his jersey! He must have left it behind!

There was a small pile of clothes on the other side of the suite, indicating that there was a complete set of clothes, and Drew immediately locked the door and took of his clothes. He set them aside to ensure he would be able to change back, pulled on the jersey, and tapped the Medallion to it. He smiled as he felt the shock go through his body...

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