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Calm and Peaceful
All Quiet at Home
2013-10-14Altered Fates4
His Parents' Place
Going Home
2013-10-14Altered Fates3
Drew's Next Change
Still Having Fun
2013-06-14Altered Fates17
A Valid Excuse
Kate Says No
2013-05-24Altered Fates16
A Hometown Diner
Getting Lunch
2013-05-24Altered Fates15
On the Town
Later That Day
2013-05-24Altered Fates14
Looking Fancy
Facing Kate
2013-05-24Altered Fates13
Six is a Crowd
The Appartment
2013-05-24Altered Fates12
Kate's Surprise
A Surprise Awaits
2013-05-24Altered Fates11
And a California Gurl
He's a Firework!
2013-05-24Altered Fates10
A Winner
The Last Box
2013-05-24Altered Fates9
To the Other Side
Always a Bridesmaid...
2013-05-24Altered Fates10
A Date's Box
Formal Attire
2013-05-23Altered Fates9
Should Have Looked Harder
Maybe Not...
2013-05-23Altered Fates10
2013-05-23Altered Fates9
Who's Better?
2013-05-23Altered Fates8
Getting Smaller
A Yellow Top
2013-05-23Altered Fates11
Clothes to Fit the Woman
2013-05-23Altered Fates11
Going Up
2013-05-23Altered Fates10
Not your Average Restaurant
A Special Restaurant
2010-04-16Altered Fates20
Drew's a Working Girl Now
Drew Agrees
2010-04-16Altered Fates19
Michelle's a Working Girl
Going to Work?
2010-04-16Altered Fates18
Tammie Wants to Go Out
Going Out?
2010-04-16Altered Fates19
Tammie Comes Over
2010-04-16Altered Fates18
Alone in the dorm
Making it to the Dorm
2010-04-16Altered Fates17
Far, Far Away
2010-04-16Altered Fates16
A little help... but just a little
College Girl
2010-04-16Altered Fates16
Living on Campus
Dorm Girl
2010-04-16Altered Fates16
A Slight Hope
2010-04-16Altered Fates15
Drew's in Bad Shape
Trapped and Alone
2010-04-16Altered Fates14
Sucking It Up - And In
Drew uses her old clothes
2010-03-17Altered Fates11
Big Changes for Drew
Major Change
2010-03-17Altered Fates10
Sticking with the Skates
Stay with Skates
2010-03-17Altered Fates9
Drew Picks Small
Drew Grabs Skates
2010-03-17Altered Fates8
Going Skate-Picking
Rental Skates
2010-03-17Altered Fates7
Telling Kate
Drew Tells Kate
2010-03-17Altered Fates6
Waking Up
The Next Morning
2010-03-17Altered Fates5
The Storm Hits
2010-03-17Altered Fates4
At the Ice Rink
Going to Work
2010-03-17Altered Fates3
Drew, the college guy
Drew the College Student
2010-03-17Altered Fates2

Recent Comments

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