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5. Was it Good for You?

4. Nothing is the First Choice

3. So many Choices

2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

1. Altered Fates

Was it Good for You?

on 2010-02-04 02:41:06

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Sally was beside herself with a mix of competing feelings. The incredible focused sexual explosion was like nothing she'd experienced before as woman. On the one hand it was frustratingly short lived, but this was compensated by an overwhelming lust, power, dominance mixture. It was like concentrated success, an instantly addictive drug that had to be tried again and again. Mark's high feminine screams of orgasmic delight and implicit subjugation served to make it all the more satisfying. Simultaneously she really really wanted a quick nap, but fought that. Mark was slowly returning from the frantic state she'd driven him into, and that was far more important. Lifting herself up onto her now large forearms, Sally looked down into what had been her own face a little while ago and watched as the scrunched up face slowly relaxed. "I hadn't realized I got all red and squinched like that. And small? I look so small! I never thought of myself as particularly small before."

Mark came back to himself slowly. He'd been taken to an orgasmic brink and then pushed over in a series of small explosions that suffused his entire body in wave after unrelenting wave. It was crazy. He had wanted desperately to yell "STOP, DON'T STOP" at the same time in a weird mixed up irrational contradictory desire. What his wife had just done to him, while fabulously delightful, should have been impossible. As coherent thought oozed back into his overloaded brain, reality forced itself upon him. Opening his eyes, Mark saw an outsized version of himself smirking down.

"Was it good for you," Sally asked with a grin?

"What the hell ..." Mark paused upon hearing his own voice, or what should have been his voice. Instead it was his wife's voice, only it was coming out of his mouth. "What the hell? How can ..."

"I told you I was going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before. It sure looked like you enjoyed it. I know I did," Sally said sniggering."

"What ... how? Get off of me!" Mark pushed at his outsized double with delicate hands that were definitely not his own. No longer pinned to the bed, Mark sat up and grasped the surprisingly heavy breasts that were now protruding from his chest. When the full import or the situation caught up, Mark instinctively shot a hand down between his legs, but he knew he wasn't going to find what he was looking for even before he checked. Looking up with a shocked moue on his face, "Sally?"

"That was so classic," Sally laughed. "Even with those tits hanging from your chest, you still had to check. Relax Mark, I'm taking good care of it, see?" Standing up to the side of the bed, Sally turn a quarter turn to the side and held out the now softened object of Mark's quest. "Before you get yourself in a panic, relax! It's not permanent. It's that medallion I found, it's magic!"

"Sally, this is impossible! What am I saying? I'm calling some naked guy in my bedroom 'Sally', and he looks just like me, and I've got tits, and I ..."

"Mark! Mark! Take a breath. You're getting hysterical. I told you it's OK. We can switch back."

"Switch back? You mean I'm you?"

"Yes! I'm you, and you're me. Like I said, magic."

"The medallion swaps bodies? Swap us back. Swap us back now!"

Seeing Mark on the verge of crying made Sally feel guilty about her trick. "Um, it doesn't exactly work like that." Sally gently took Marks small hands and coaxed him from his half huddled position on the bed and enfolded him in a loving embrace. She was a little awkward for a moment until she figured that her arms had to go over Mark's shoulders forcing him to reach around her torso and nestle his head against her chest. She could feel Mark hug tightly and begin to silently sob against her. Mark seemed so delicate now, she felt even more guilty about what she'd done. Entangling her large fingers in Marks long hair, and gently rubbing his slender neck, Sally began an explanation of the medallion. She explained where she'd found it, and how excited she was to try it. She explained that it couldn't be used again for twelve hours, and that they'd both have to wait. On the verge of explaining details of how it is used, Sally stopped and didn't correct Mark's mistaken believe that it was a body swap device. No rush, she could explain that later. Maybe!

"Come on sweety." Sally got a little thrill out of using the diminutive to her husband. "Let's get dressed and get some dinner.

Mark stepped out of Sally's embrace and picked up the underwear he'd dropped on the floor earlier and stared perplexedly at the giant sized briefs in his small delicate hands.

"No Mark, those are mine. Yours are over there."

Flushing with embarrassment, Mark picked up the panties Sally had pointed to and fumbled his way into them. "I'm not wearing a bra!"

"You don't have to if you don't want to," Sally said knowingly. "Here's a pair of slacks and a blouse. Unless you want a dress?"

"Not a chance," Mark declared.

Sally dressed in a pair of Mark's slacks and pulled on a Polo shirt, all the time watching as Mark wriggled into the tight stretchy slacks that showed off his round little butt, and displayed the panty line underneath. The blouse was tailored tight into the waist, and truth be told was really too small.

Mark couldn't find any buttons near the collar of the blouse, so he started at the bottom and buttoned upwards. When he'd gotten most of the way up, the buttons were snugged under his tits and he had to work by feel. The damned reverse buttons were hard enough when he could see what he was doing. The next few buttons required mashing his tits with his elbows so he could get enough slack on the buttons. When he reached for the next button up, there wasn't one. The buttons ended with the entire top of his tits still fully exposed. He felt more naked now with clothes on.

"Come on. It'll be a perfectly normal evening. I'll cook, and you set the table, same as always."

Heading into the kitchen, Sally chuckled to herself at how much Marked bounced and bobbled with each step. "No bra indeed!"

"Son-of-bitch," Mark shrieked.

"Now what's got your panties in a twist?"

A red faced Mark stood before the open cabinet. "I can't reach the plates," he squeaked.

Guffawing in loud delight, Sally got two plates down and patted Mark on the head.

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