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4. Nothing is the First Choice

3. So many Choices

2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

1. Altered Fates

Nothing is the First Choice

on 2010-02-02 03:29:41

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Sighing wistfully at all the possibilities spread around the room, Sally reminded herself that you can't do everything at once. Carelessly tossing her bra amongst the other stuff, she wriggled out of her panties as well and left them in a twisted heap in the center of the floor.

Now stark naked, Sally stepped over to the side of the bed, bent over and whispered sensuously into her husband's ear, "I want you to keep you eyes closed. If you do as you're told, I'll give you a fucking like you've never before experienced. Would you like that?"

Mark was momentarily thrown by his wife's use of vulgarity. It wasn't something she normally used, but it was also a bit of a turn on. "Yes," he he whispered back.

"Yes what? You want me to fuck you? You have to say it if that's what you'd like."

Wow, Mark couldn't remember Sally ever being so aggressive before. It was a little intimidating, but it was also maddeningly arousing. His dick was now so hard it hurt and had begun involuntarily pulsing. "Yes! Yes I want you to fuck me."

Climbing up onto the bed, Sally maneuvered between Mark's legs as Mark helpfully spread them for what he expected to be a blow job. Nestled in place on her knees, Sally ran her hands up the outside of Mark's thighs and slid on up his stomach and chest until she reached his little nubby man nipples. She played with these long enough for them to harden up, but Mark had told her many times before that they really weren't very sensitive, not at all like hers. Rocking back for balance, Sally paused a moment, then simultaneously grabbed Mark's rock hard shaft with her right hand while laying her left hand on the medallion.

Mark gasped when Sally suddenly grabbed his dick. It felt like a shock ran through him. Gawd this was good! "What ..."

"Shush! No talking! Keep your eyes closed and let me do everything."

Sally was shaking with excitement as she fondled Mark's dick briefly before slowly drifting her hand down Mark's inner thigh as far as she could reach before the return trip back up his outer thigh and back up toward his chest. Tentatively taking her left hand away from the medallion, she was gratified to feel the light buzz continued even after letting go. Once again she circled in on Mark's man nipples and fondled them back to hardness, only this time there was a small gasp from Marks as she bobbled them about. What's more, there was a good deal more nipple now than there had been a moment ago.

Another slow caress down Mark with her hands was getting interesting. Mark's skin was now creamy smooth and soft. This was even more noticeable because her own hands were larger and thicker. A slow sweep back to Mark's crotch allowed her to completely engulf Mark's still throbbing dick into the palm of her hand. Looking down and snickering at the effect, she saw that her arms were much thicker now and her boobs were now almost prepubescent. Giving Mark's now quite small penis a last fondle, Sally continued her circuit downward, finding that she could reach much farther than on the previous pass.

By the time she'd caressed her way back up again, Sally had to adjust her own kneeling position. Now both she and Mark had tiny little penis's. If anything, hers was a little bit bigger. Being very careful not to be too rough, Sally flicked Mark's tiny little penis around and delighted in the shudders it elicited from him. Continuing upwards once again, Sally found she no longer had to stretch in the least to reach Mark's man nipples. Then again, they were no longer man nipples by any stretch of imagination. Large arterioles stretched across what were easily B-cup mounds. A little squeezing brought moans from Mark as two very large nipples hardened to her ministrations.

Mark's nipples weren't the only things that were getting large and hard. Another round down to Mark's crotch elicited more moans as Sally drifted her large fingers along Mark's wet slit. Her own erection now dominating her desires and urges as she made one more pass upwards. Leaning forward over Mark, Sally used her lips and tongue on Marks nipples as they purchased majestically atop his now full C-cup breasts. The tingling had stopped. Feeling both awkward and excited, Sally took her husband!

Mark gasped in shock! Before he could form a coherent thought, all of his near orgasms suddenly came to pass. Again and again he found himself screaming in out of control passion. When he thought that he couldn't take it any more, there was a brief redoubling followed by an explosion of delightful relief into the very core of his being.

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