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3. another

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

different store

on 2011-11-13 09:32:51

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Instead Blake went to a store he always thought about a clothing store that sold some stuff and strippers clothes, he went in and found what he was looking for a matching outfit daisy dukes, g-string, and a bikini top all black and a few what looked like paint spots of white, and a few outfits if it worked he could go outside of his house, he paid for them and thought, more about Veronica a women he had a bad thing for she was a stripper and actually hung out a few times together, outside of the club, they were good friends, but she vanished because of her father, tried to kill her, and pop is safely in the joint for good.

Blake realized he still had a bag with a few of her things and took it out pulling a small pair of panties, still in his hand, lost in thought he put on the medallion and touched the panties to and felt a small shock, no panicking he kept thinking about her with the panties up to his chest longer as he began to feel the changes taking place as the incredible feeling began from his crotch and working it's way up and down his body, so turned on he dropped the panties, his left hand went into his pants and he felt something different from his average penis as it was shrinking, pulling his hand out and seeing and feeling his pants were too big around his waist, he undid the pants, and too big boxer briefs are now around his toned and skinnier legs as they began to tan to the same tone as Veronica's his feet were now much smaller, stepping out from them, he felt again for his shrinking appendage and felt no sack, it was splitting open swallowing his cock. He felt his testicles moving into their new place as ovaries, his upper body began about the same time as his slight gut was gone, and can feel a slight 6 pack, a tiny waist, his shoulders loosing its' width and becoming slender and all over toned with the workout of pole dancing, by now going to a mirror and feeling how much his weight has changed, on the way unbuttoned shirt is now on the ground and pulling up the now really loose t-shirt while the medallion is still on, Blake can see the almost finishing as he looks to see with perfect vision, as his skin is now hairless and smooth, as his/her skin is all tanned now, he/she watches as his hair is darkening and getting longer, his/her vision blurs for a second and looks at a perfect copy of Veronica, both turned on and shock the new woman is looking back and begins to feel his/her new body up with pleasure and fascination and it feels so good, with a last though she will be here for 12 hours and she loves what she feels, she walks back to her old clothing and gets dressed, it feels good to wear these clothes, she looks through the newly bought clothes and realized she did get the right sizes, she tries them on, and also takes off the medallion into the box in her/his sock drawer, she undresses and takes a shower using what's there she is clean and shaven as if she has always done it, more feeling her body and playing with her new pussy she does eventually go to sleep with a smile and knowing she has the weekend to play.

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