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2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Blake's Plans

on 2009-02-27 02:16:20

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Blake could scarcely believe his luck. Most days he couldn't care less about yard sales, but that one day, the one time it really mattered, he stopped on a whim and saw it: the Medallion of Zulo. From the look on the seller's face she had never seen it before, and she was content to let the unassuming piece go for peanuts.

His evenings and weekends hadn't been the same since. By day he was just Blake, your average cube dwelling white male. But once he got home, he was whoever he wanted to be: old or young, big or small, male or female, the whole genetic palette was laid before him. Thrift stores brought him the variety of unknown changes, while department store buys let him perform small adjustments.

While making himself more attractive was of course a temptation, he left his body as it was to avoid suspicion. His greatest thrill, and that which held his continued interest, was the medallion's power to transform him into a woman.

Blake was no stranger to women. He had been in relationships off and on, but even before finding the medallion he valued his bachelorhood: not answering to anyone, setting his own schedule, doing everything on his own terms. He was happy to leave behind the compromises to dating for the time being. The medallion gave him the ultimate in independence: a beautiful women who would do anything he wanted, dress and move any way he wanted, who he could enjoy in the most carnal ways possible with no guilt.

Over time he amassed a respectable wardrobe, both of bodies and clothes to wear. He was not ashamed to fill his house with mirrors: a tall, thin blonde did his laundry in a swimsuit and heels; a full-bodied brunette watched TV in his boxers while enjoying ice cream, calories that would be shed effortlessly next time he transformed; a fit, tattooed amazon stepped into his shower and an androgynous- but-recognizable Blake stepped out 20 minutes later, almost back to normal and ready to resume his life for another day.

Tonight, though, he was going to try something different.


The whole process had its risks, to be sure. He hadn't even considered it until a chance observation at a consignment shop: two girls were being their rowdy selves in another part of the store, when one reached into a pile of old clothes and brought up a ridiculously large pair of sweat pants. As the girls nearly hyperventilated from laughter, they stepped into the pants together to show just how gigantic the sweats were. After nearly falling down they let the waistband drop, and, as Blake watched intently, both stepped out of the pants and what looked like the exact same moment.

Blake was accustomed to watching people in thrift stores: it was a great chance to know what you were buying, so to speak. A cute redhead picks up a jacket, tries it on, and puts it back. Two new outfits for the price of one! But this, this was new.

Blake walked over to the discarded item, his mind churning. What would this piece of clothing do? They couldn't possibly have left the garment at the exact same instant in time, but did the medallion have a threshold? Could he actually become two people? Would that fragment his mind in some dangerous way? Would he be able to undo the transformation, or would he be two people forever?


Back in his apartment he stood naked in his living room, medallion around his neck, holding an article of clothing. He stood thinking about his choice, something he hadn't done since that first transformation so many months ago. The same question passed through his mind: "What if it works?"

He touched the sweats to the medallion, and waited.

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