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8. Blake's path to controling her

7. Recently self cloned Blake pla

6. Hive Mind Blake: Mindless Dron

5. Hive Mind Blake: Focusing

4. Hive Mind Blake

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Where there's a blake, there's a way.

on 2009-05-15 00:26:57

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Blake's other self lied dormant on the bed. Just like sleeping beauty, blake thought, Well Sorta. She smiled at her own muse. Oddly so did her other self. Odd, she thought walking to sit by herself again. Blake was still unsure about how to proceed with this experiment, so she figured proximity to her duplicate couldn't hurt. Sitting down, Blake closed her eyes and thought about something she might need. Food seemed a good place to start. Thinking of her favorite foods: Craisin-nut risotto, Grilled new york steak, Artichoke with aioli, Dark Chocolate. Two stomachs growled in unison at these thoughts. Blake smiled at this progress. Need works, and with that there was a foundation; only problem was, she really needed to eat now.

Standing up Blake made her way to the kitchen. Pulling a few ingredients from the fridge, Blake opted to make herself an omelet. Ham, onion, a little bell pepper, and some spices hit the pan with a sizzle. Soon the apartment was permeated with the aroma of food. Blake returned for eggs, and milk; but was startled when she turned to find herself staring at her. "Holy crap!" She said to her no longer bedroom self, "You scared me."

Blake's clone did not respond. She only eyed the food longingly. "you must be hungry too," Blake realized out loud. "obviously, I made both of our stomachs growl."
This time her clone spoke. "Hungry," it stated in am almost monotone pattern.
"Here," Blake said, pulling another dish from the cupboard. She separated the omelet into halves, served it onto the two plates, and walked into the dining room. Her clone followed. Placing each plate on opposite sides of the table, Blake retrieved two pairs of silverware, handed one to Blake II, and sat down to eat. A few bites into the meal, Blake noticed that her clone hadn't started eating. she just watched her. Blake could feel a tug on her mind. This is new, she thought. The mental tug continued, until something gave. Time ceased in that moment. Memories, thoughts and feeling flashed through her mind. They leeched out of her, faded, and returned like two minds connected on a network. My brain is file sharing, she thought. As quickly as the process had started, it was also complete.
The Blake that had, up until now been lethargic at best suddenly sprang to life. She dug into her half of the omelet with great interest. Watching her other self eat, brought a new realization to Blake. She cared for the Blake across the table more than anything she'd known before. It was concern that had made her research the ways to get her off the bed. Concern bordering reverence. Blake suddenly knew. She had been the drone this whole time.

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