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7. Recently self cloned Blake pla

6. Hive Mind Blake: Mindless Dron

5. Hive Mind Blake: Focusing

4. Hive Mind Blake

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

A Blake slate

on 2009-05-04 08:13:50

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Blake sat next to her Bedroom clone. She could still feel the ethereal connection pulsing at the back of her skull like a numb appendage. Staring at her other self, Blake strained to assert some field of control. Her face flushed, as all manner of orders and wants flashed through her mind; yet stasis beauty didn't budge. Time passed without progress, and eventually Blake yielded in frustration with a large huff. Beet red and panting; Blake pondered. She poured over everything she knew, yet this concept; Hive thought was something too alien for her to understand.

Standing Blake ran her fingers through her hair, and walked into the living room. She needed to solve this problem; an inclination she'd had from birth. Blake had never been one to let things go unresolved, and she'd be damned if she was gonna let something like this go.

With a plop, Blake was sitting in her computer chair. Pulling her laptop close, she flipped up the white marble stylized lid and brought it outta standby. Two clicks and she was surfing the net. Blake paused briefly staring at the search bar. The moment of thought passed, and Blake typed: Queen Bee.

All manner of information passed across the screen. Blake began to weed. All manner of sites matched her search phrase; songs, Honey purveyors, and exterminators scrolled through her field. Impatiently, she refined her search. Again, no luck. Strumming her fingers on the table, Blake thought. Then it hit her. Blake didn't need to know about bees, She only needed to know how they operate. With a last flourish of key punching Blake hammered: Hive intelligence.
Blake had struck gold.

The site was a cheesy hodge podge of Science fiction theories, and fan collaboration; but there was a wealth of speculation involving dual bodies. Blake read each entry with growing fascination. There were tons of concepts and she would try them all until one of them worked. Armed with her new set of informational inspiration, Blake walked back into the bedroom. Need would be the first experiment.

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