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6. Hive Mind Blake: Mindless Dron

5. Hive Mind Blake: Focusing

4. Hive Mind Blake

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Hive Mind Blake: Mindless Drone

on 2009-03-08 21:19:22

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Arriving at the bedroom, Blake saw her bedroom self as she left it on the bed. Its eyes were closed and face had an expression of concentration on it. Not having a better idea, Blake decided to give a greeting.


No response. Blake didn't hear anything from a second source either. She did feel a bit of a mental tug from her connection to her bedroom-self however.

Blake went on to systematically do a few more experiments with her new-found control, or lack of it. Touching her bedroom-self yielded no response, but just kept giving the same mental signals from before, especially when she gave a pinch. She then pushed it unto its back on the bed, struggling a bit a first with resistance but finally got it done. Her bedroom-self proceeded slowly back into its original position. Seems the form she's not in control of tries to stay in the state it was last left in. Playing with the her bedroom-self's sensitive areas caused it to tense up a bit, while tickling its feet gave a similar reaction with a hint of a smile on its face. Seemed her bedroom-self wasn't beyond its body's natural reactions.

Blake concluded that it was like an ant drone; a living, breathing thing but with no mind to guide it other than its queen. Still having plenty of time before she could even think about using the amulet, Blake wondered what she should do next.

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