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3. The medallion was magic!

2. Jason, the next user

1. Altered Fates

The medallion was magic!

on 2008-08-31 17:10:37
Episode last modified by TheScienceWizard on 2018-02-11 09:50:05

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It said this:
Dear user of the Medallion of Zulu
Congradulations! You have gotten in your hands the most powerful thing in the world. What I am about to say next might sound crazy and most people think it is but take this seriously. It could even solve your lifes problems.
Now, the Medallion is magic. It has many ablities and I will now list them to you:
1.If the Medallion touches a piece of clothe worn before, the person the Medallion touches will turn in to the exact copy of what the person wearing the item looked like when he last wore the item.
2. If 2 people touch the Medallion at the same time, they will turn into each other.
3. If the same thing that happens in 1. happens except the clothe has never been worn before, the Medallion will turn you into a proper body suited for the clothe.
4. Once a change has been made, another switch cannot be made for 12 hours.
5. Pregnant females and females having a period cannot change back until the pregancy or period is over

This is all that I know so far but if something that is not listed happens, please write so on the note so the Medallion can be used wisely by future users. Congradulations again and have fun!
Prevoius user.

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