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2. Jason, the next user

1. Altered Fates

Jason, the next user

on 2008-08-31 16:53:56
Episode last modified by TheScienceWizard on 2018-02-11 09:48:47

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Jason was an ordinary 20 year old guy who was looking for some cheap stuff at a yard sale to play with. He found a cheap old looking medallion so he bought it for a buck and went home.
Jason, at the time, was very down on his luck. He just got dumped by his girlfriend, Jenny, because she was cheating on him and said he was not "sexy enough" for her. He also never got promoted at work because his boss was an ass and told him "suprise me or stay on the first floor." The bad thing was that Jason knew that "suprise" meant a really sexy woman that Jason obviously couldn't get. He was also in need of money because it was soon his friends birthday and Jason didn't have enough money to buy what he really wanted (a night he would never forget).
Now at home Jason took out the box from his pocket and started playing with it. A folded note popped out of the box and Jason unfolded it. It said...

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