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62. Next on the List...

61. Trying a New Power

60. Wishing around the house

59. Walking the Dog

58. And Upward

57. Onward...

56. Down We Go

55. Giant Party Equals...

54. Wakey Wakey

53. The Party Dies Down

52. Fallout From Zoe's Orgy

51. The More the Merrier

50. Wishing Continues

49. Next Round

48. Return to the Party

47. To the Basement!

46. Tracking Down the Changes

45. The Fun Begins

44. Jon Kills Some Time

43. Last Minute Wishes

Interview with the Bitch

on 2012-06-20 21:03:13

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Jon stormed down the stairs as fast as he could, his steps banging loudly as he descended. Hearing the racket, Amanda dashed out of the sitting room and towards Jon, a wide smile on her face and her tail wagging, ready to play. Jon smiled as she approached him, almost hypnotized by her eight breasts jiggling as she bounced around the foyer, eager to play. "Amanda, sit!" Jon commanded. He was not surprised to see the dog-girl obediently plop her butt down on the floor, sitting like a normal dog. Her tail was still wagging, her mouth in a wide smile even as her long tongue hung out. Jon approached her and kneeled down in front of her. As he settled in front of her, Amanda shot forward and began to happily lick his face Jon grabbed her by the shoulders and held her back long enough to say "Amanda, honestly, what's it like to be a dog-girl?"

Amanda leaned back, sitting again as she looked at Jon, her tail still wagging.


Jon waited, but she only sat there, staring at him and wagging her tail. "I am going to need a different approach," he thought. "Amanda, the original Amanda, honestly, what's it like to be a dog-girl?"

"There are some things I am totally getting off on but, like, the rest totally sucks." Surprised, Jon jumped back, almost falling over. He had gotten used to the girl's happy barks, to hear her talk was actually a little strange. "What parts do you like?"

"Well, the extra titties are just totally hot. I love how perky they all are. And, like, how super flexible I am now. After you went upstairs I was able to, like, lick my own pussy. The dog part of me wanted to clean up after peeing, but it felt so good I just couldn't stop. Oh, and the new tongue is so hot. If I had this while I was still normal, I would totally have been putting it to good use."

Jon shifted his dick- Karyn he had to remind himself- feeling her harden a little in his pants. Listening to Amanda talking about her tits and how she had licked herself out was definitely a turn on, and her valley-girl voice was only adding to the effect. "What don't you like about it?"

Amanda's tail stopped wagging. "One thing is that I totally let myself get fucked by some dog. And worse is while I should be all, like, super grossed out about it, I actually want it to happen again. I am, like, super horny right now. More horny than I've ever been before. I could smell him coming down the street and I knew that I totally wanted him to fuck me. I think I'm, like, in heat. Other than that, not having hands really sucks. And while being totally naked everywhere is a bit awkward, it's a little bit of a turn on."

Jon sat in stunned silence, trying to take in everything he was hearing. By now he had a full hard on, listening to this ditzy half-animal-girl tell him in candid detail about how she was literally in heat. Amanda sat patiently waiting, her tail starting to lazily wag again. "Um, what were you doing before you were changed?" Amanda smiled widely, her tail returning to a full wag. "I was dancing with Will, this lame nobody who is totally below my league. We were on the dance floor, and I was letting him rub up on me. I could feel his little prick pressing into me. It was so hilarious."

"Wait, wait. Why was that so funny?"

"Because I totally got him to break up with his girlfriend last week," she said with a smug grin. "I heard her gossiping about me before spring break, so I went to Will and admitted my 'true feelings' for him. We had not even been back to class a full day before he broke up with her. Of course, I played the ditzy blonde, so everyone totally thought he was just some pig who wanted to play the field. The only one who had any clue was Miranda. It was all going perfect until she wished everyone could see I was a bitch and ended up with floppy ears, a tail, and a sex drive that's going to make me a total puppy factory."

Jon leaned back, looking at Amanda in a new light. He had gotten used to her playfulness when she was in dog mode, and her "ditzy blonde" attitude had even tricked him. Well, whoever Miranda was, she had gotten her wish. Jon could now absolutely see Amanda for the bitch she was. Jon stood up, looking down at the dog-girl. "Well Amanda, I think that's all I needed to know. Maybe down the line, I'll think about fixing you. But first, I think you deserve a little punishment."

"Arf!" Amanda barked in response. Since Jon had stopped asking questions, she had reverted to her current "normal" mindset. Jon held up his hand, acting like he had something hidden in his closed fist. "You want it? Do ya? You want it girl?" Amanda hopped up, ready to play; her tail wagging and her boobs jiggling wildly. "Go get it!" he yelled waving his arm in the direction of the staircase. Without a moment's hesitation, Amanda darted up the stairs, furiously searching for the imaginary ball.

"What a dumb bitch," Jon muttered as he walked towards the sitting room.

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