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Chick for a Dick: Need a Ride?
Getting home
2023-02-01You Are What You Wish156
Chick for a Dick: Lunch Rush
2023-01-22You Are What You Wish155
Chick for a Dick: Lunch with the Girls
Jen's new clique
2023-01-16You Are What You Wish154
Chick for a Dick: Who is Jen Gibson?
Getting some answers
2023-01-09You Are What You Wish153
Chick for a Dick: New Body, New You
A whole new life
2022-09-06You Are What You Wish152
Chick for a Dick: Oops
Jon's day goes off the rails
2021-06-27You Are What You Wish151
Chick for a Dick: Unusual Anal
Jon catches up with the new ass-girl and her host
2021-05-31You Are What You Wish150
Chick for a Dick: Adding to the Curriculum
Now for the rest of the class
2021-04-23You Are What You Wish149
Chick for a Dick: Slut for a Butt
A conversation with Zoe
2021-04-15You Are What You Wish148
Chick for a Dick: Before the Storm
The calm...
2021-04-08You Are What You Wish147
Chick for a Dick: TGIF
Jon continues with his day
2021-03-12You Are What You Wish146
Chick for a Dick: Chick Wants to be a Dick
Getting things back to normal
2021-03-02You Are What You Wish145
Chick for a Dick: Chick Isn't a Dick
Meanwhile, back at Jon's...
2019-11-03You Are What You Wish144
Chick for a Dick: Karyn’s Homecoming
Karyn’s first night
2019-07-13You Are What You Wish143
Chick for a Dick: Wakey Wakey
Zoe wakes up
2019-07-05You Are What You Wish142
Chick for a Dick: Meanwhile...
Others continue to change
2019-06-18You Are What You Wish141
Chick for a Dick: After School Rendezvous
Zoe and Athena meet up for a "talk"
2019-04-15You Are What You Wish140
Chick for a Dick: "Normal" After School
After school
2019-02-24You Are What You Wish139
Chick for a Dick: Back at School
How are some of the others doing?
2019-02-17You Are What You Wish138
Chick for a Dick: Success
It worked
2019-01-30You Are What You Wish137
Chick for a Dick: Jon's Plan
Jon focuses on his plan
2019-01-20You Are What You Wish136
Chick for a Dick: Karyn's Day Interrupted
How Karyn's spending her day
2018-12-20You Are What You Wish135
Chick for a Dick: Jon's Revelation
Third hour epiphany
2018-12-09You Are What You Wish134
Chick for a Dick: The Next Class
On with the day
2018-10-31You Are What You Wish133
Chick for a Dick: Brook 2.0
2018-10-15You Are What You Wish132
Chick for a Dick: A New First Hour
Getting to class
2018-09-25You Are What You Wish131
Chick for a Dick: Dawn of the Coeds
The next morning
2018-09-03You Are What You Wish130
Chick for a Dick: Jon Investigates
Meeting the new Sofia
2018-08-28You Are What You Wish129
Chick for a Dick: Zoe Reflects
Jon slips into Zoe's room
2018-08-28You Are What You Wish128
Chick for a Dick: Hallway Confessions
An unexpected encounter
2017-06-11You Are What You Wish127
Chick for a Dick: Dazed and Confused
Jon wakes up
2017-06-11You Are What You Wish126
Chick for a Dick: Karyn's Playtime
Jon keeps his proise
2017-06-11You Are What You Wish125
Chick for a Dick: Another Round of Wished
Fixing the mess
2017-04-01You Are What You Wish124
Chick for a Dick: Red Handed
Jon is caught
2017-04-01You Are What You Wish123
Chick for a Dick: Two Person Orgy
Six people, two bodies, one desire
2017-03-12You Are What You Wish122
Chick for a Dick: The Anticipation Builds
After class
2017-03-12You Are What You Wish121
Chick for a Dick: Desperate Measures
Desperate times call for...
2017-03-12You Are What You Wish120
Chick for a Dick: A Familiar Transformation
Look who's back
2017-03-12You Are What You Wish119
Chick for a Dick: Ask the Airhead
Jon's favorite class
2017-03-03You Are What You Wish118
Chick for a Dick: Golddigger
Someone's plotting...
2017-03-03You Are What You Wish117
Chcick for a Dick: A Friend in Need
Jon helps out
2017-03-03You Are What You Wish116
Chick for a Dick: Table Talk
Table for Two
2017-03-03You Are What You Wish115
Chick for a Dick: Locker Room Trouble
Not all it's cracked up to be
2017-02-24You Are What You Wish114
Chick for a Dick: Locker Room Fun
Gym just got more interesting
2017-02-24You Are What You Wish113
Chick for a Dick: Called Out
Teacher from Hell
2017-02-24You Are What You Wish112
Chick for a Dick: Taking a Stand
Off to Class
2017-02-24You Are What You Wish111
Chick for a Dick: Breakfast
The most important meal of the day
2016-11-06You Are What You Wish110
Chich for a Dick: The Morning Continues
Jon continues to get ready
2016-11-06You Are What You Wish109
Chick for a Dick: Jon's New Morning Routine
Morning comes fast
2016-11-06You Are What You Wish108
Chick for a Dick: Catching Up
Establishing a new "normal"
2016-11-06You Are What You Wish107
Chick for a Dick: Shared Revelations
The talk...
2016-11-01You Are What You Wish106
Chick for a Dick: The New Girl
A new addition
2016-11-01You Are What You Wish105
Chick for a Dick: Delaying the Inevitable
Dragging his heels
2016-11-01You Are What You Wish104
Chick for a Dick: Watching the Clock
Tick Tock
2016-11-01You Are What You Wish103
Chick for a Dick: Unexpected Company
Table for one?
2016-08-14You Are What You Wish102
Chick for a Dick: Kick 'em When They're Down
Low blow
2016-08-13You Are What You Wish101
Chick for a Dick: Unwanted Destination
Can't sit around all day
2016-08-12You Are What You Wish100
Chick for a Dick: Time's Up
Tick tick tick
2016-07-28You Are What You Wish99
Chick for a Dick: Home Sweet Home
End of a long day
2016-07-27You Are What You Wish98
Chick for a Dick: All Three
Why pick door one, two or three when you can have
2016-07-12You Are What You Wish97
Chick for a Dick: Heated Encounter
Passions raise, as do tempers
2016-07-08You Are What You Wish96
Chick for a Dick: Afterschool Special
The stone picked...
2016-07-03You Are What You Wish95
Chick for a Dick: Sixth Hour
Last class of the day...
2016-06-28You Are What You Wish94
Chick for a Dick: Fifth Hour
Multiple classmates with multiple additions
2016-06-28You Are What You Wish93
Chick for a Dick: Fourth Hour
A biology lesson
2016-06-28You Are What You Wish92
Chick for a Dick: Unexpected Meetings
Running into a classmate
2016-06-15You Are What You Wish91
Chick for a Dick: Lunch
Lunch Break
2016-06-10You Are What You Wish90
Chick for a Dick: Third Hour
Gym Class
2016-06-08You Are What You Wish89
Chick for a Dick: Locker Room
Getting ready for gym class
2016-06-05You Are What You Wish88
Chick for a Dick: Second Hour
Next Class
2016-06-02You Are What You Wish87
Chick for a Dick: Between Classes
One down...
2016-06-02You Are What You Wish86
Chick for a Dick: The More the Merrier
Lucky meeting you here
2016-05-29You Are What You Wish85
Chick for a Dick: First Hour
Math Class
2016-05-25You Are What You Wish84
Chick for a Dick: School Daze
Trish was the tip of the iceberg...
2016-05-18You Are What You Wish83
Chick for a Dick: The Start of a New Week
Early Riser
2016-05-14You Are What You Wish82
Chick for a Dick: Settling in for the Night
The end of a long day
2016-05-08You Are What You Wish81
Chick for a Dick: Fun with Lilly
Lilly Investigates
2016-05-01You Are What You Wish80
Chick for a Dick: Lilly's Revelation
It's all coming back to her
2016-04-26You Are What You Wish79
Chick for a Dick: Homecoming
The Return Home
2016-04-24You Are What You Wish78
Chick for a Dick: Vehicle Maintenance
Back at Home
2015-01-02You Are What You Wish77
Chick for a Dick: Unintended Results Can Still Be Enjoyable
Jon's Second Wish Kicks In
2014-12-26You Are What You Wish76
Chick for a Dick: Warning- Rushed Wished Can Result in Unintended Results
Jon Doesn't Think Things Through...
2014-12-24You Are What You Wish75
Chick for a Dick: Saddling Up
Heading to Emma's
2014-12-23You Are What You Wish74
A Few Questions Before Hitting the Road
A Pre-Ride Inspection
2013-11-11You Are What You Wish73
Jon Steps Out
Getting Ready
2013-09-30You Are What You Wish72
Jon's Personal Computer
Jon Checks His Email
2012-11-29You Are What You Wish71
Lisa's Night Off
Plans for Lisa
2012-11-25You Are What You Wish70
Jon has a Chat with Zoe and Her "Friends"
Next on the List
2012-11-24You Are What You Wish69
Karyn's Night
Retreating to the Bedroom
2012-11-22You Are What You Wish68
A (Sort of) Familiar Face
Zoe's Guest
2012-11-16You Are What You Wish67
Return to the Basement
The House is Clean but Jon Feels Gross
2012-11-15You Are What You Wish66
Company for Breakfast
Kitchen Fun
2012-07-25You Are What You Wish65
Jon Meets Another of His Guests
Two the Kitchen
2012-06-29You Are What You Wish64
Next on the List...
Moving Along
2012-06-28You Are What You Wish63
Interview with the Bitch
Next on the List...
2012-06-20You Are What You Wish62
And Starts Getting Some Answers
Trying a New Power
2012-06-19You Are What You Wish61
Jon has questions...
Wishing around the house
2012-04-16You Are What You Wish60
Jon Takes His New "Dog" for a Walk
Walking the Dog
2011-06-27You Are What You Wish59
More Changes Discovered
And Upward
2011-06-25You Are What You Wish58
The Rest of the Basement
2011-06-21You Are What You Wish57


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