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3. Born in the USA: Passport prob

2. Born in the USA

1. The Drafting Board

Passport control

avatar on 2019-09-15 11:51:23

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Aiko walked up to the lady sitting behind the desk, passport at the ready.

"Hey hon, how's it going today?" She was asked. All she could do was stare blankly back at the lady. She seemd quite gaudy with her large hoop earrings, fake nails and large cleavage on display. This didn't matter to Aiko though, as she was told to never judge a book by its cover.

"Not much of a talker are you? Oh well, could I see your passport?" The lady said. Aiko, not understanding what she wanted, continued to not say a word and stand on there awkwardly, staring at this girl's breasts.

"Ugh, I don't have time for this. PASS-PORT. You know? The thing you're carrying in your hands?" The lady said, pointing at the document that Aiko was holding. Aiko finally got the message and gave her what she wanted. This had all been quite embarrassing and she felt she needed to apologise to the lady working behind the desk.

"Sorry, no speak English good." Was all she could muster.

"Of course. Bloody foreigners. You know what, I feel this girl should learn some bloody American before entering the country! Perhaps I could help..." she said with and evil twinkle in her eyes as she picked up an eraser and a pen and magically changed the passport.

She handed Aiko back her passport and something seemed off about it to her when she received it. The logo on the fronth had changed to an American one and everything was all in English! There must have been some sort of mix up but she only realised when she was past the control. She tried to go back but with no knowledge of English she couldn't convince the guards outside. Now all there was to it was to wait for her sister and go from there. She was very, very worried and honestly just wanted to ball up and cry. She decided to head over to the toilets to refresh and hopefully clear her mind as she waited.

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