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2. Born in the USA

1. The Drafting Board

Born in the USA

avatar on 2019-09-15 10:25:52

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Finally. The day had arrived. After hours and hours on the plane, Aiko and her big sister Michiko had landed in the land of freedom. The two Japanese siblings ahd begged their parents to be allowed to go there by themselves, what with them both being over eighteen now. Michiko lead her sister to immigration where they would face tight scrutiny to get in. It was America after all and they wee prepared for some long queues at the TSA. The two Asian girls had always wanted to visit the US to expand their knowledge of the culture and of the way people lived on such a boisterous manner. For them, society was all about the respect and their parents were worried they might be in for a culture shock when they got to America. Nevertheless, they let them go because nothing in the world meant more to them than their daughters.

Aiko sang an Anime intro as she headed towards the head of the queue. The plan was that they wouldn't be seperated but because they were both of age they couldn't head in together. This was a problem because Aiko barely spoke English and they'd hoped that Michiko would be able to translate for her. So, she jut had to improvise and hope they wouldn't ask too many questions. She got past the TSA alright, but at passport control you were expected to answer a few questions...

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