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2. Karyn gets an idea...

1. You Are What You Wish

Super Magical Protector Karyn

on 2005-06-21 20:23:16

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The next day, Karyn showed up at Jon's house again, carrying a pile of paper and grinning wildly.
"What's up?" Jon asked. "You look pretty pleased."
"I came up with a solution," Karyn grinned.
"To your...uh...problem?"
"Yep!" she smiled. "Take a look." She handed him the top sheet off the stack. Drawn on the sheet was a picture of Karyn as she was at the moment, and the normal Karyn, albeit in some sort of anime-style school uniform.
Jon looked puzzled. "I thought the nature of the stone would prevent your changing back."
"The idea," Karyn said, "is that I can get past that limitation by having this remain as my 'normal' form. The design on paper is for an anime magical-girl-style heroine. I use the stone to turn myself into this heroine, who can switch between the forms on the paper at will, for as long as she likes. Then, I can switch to the real me, stay that way, and have special powers to boot."
Jon was whistled. "Good plan."
"Thanks!" Karyn laughed. "I did some designs for you too, if you like."
Jon smiled gleefully. The prospect of being a superhero was too much to resist. He handed Karyn's sheet back to her, grabbed one out of the pile at random, and clutched the stone.
"I wish," he began, as Karyn opened her mouth to say something, "that Karyn and I were transformed into the characters on these pieces of paper."
"Jon," Karyn said, quietly, "you didn't give me a chance to pull out my alternate designs first."

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