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Member since 2005-03-29 05:24:21

D.I.Y. Dullahan: Making Up...?
Jason confronts her friends...
2020-02-22The Drafting Board15
Adaptive Adoption: New Kid on the Block
Pyxis goes to school...
2019-12-25The Drafting Board14
Mist: Doin' What Comes Naturally
Sarah deals with her change...
2019-11-26You Are What You Wish34
D.I.Y. Dullahan: The D.I.Y. Dullahan Meets The Accidental Dullahan
An even stranger turn of events...
2019-09-26The Drafting Board13
Adaptive Adoption: An Ill-Informed Scheme
Greg gets caught up in trouble...
2019-08-21The Drafting Board12
Arcade Anomaly: Are "Friends" Clockwork?
Zoe makes a discovery...
2019-06-29You Are What You Wish63
Huh...2019-02-19The Forum5
D.I.Y. Dullahan: A Major Problem
Jason and Lucy try to figure out a way out of this mess...
2019-02-16The Drafting Board12
D.I.Y. Dullahan: Further Experiments
Lucy wants to share the experience...
2018-10-29The Drafting Board9
D.I.Y. Dullahan
"I want you to cut my head off."
2018-09-20The Drafting Board8
Catgirl World: Dilemmas
Jon confronts the crisis of pantslessness...
2018-09-13You Are What You Wish13
Adaptive Adoption: Clearing Things Up
Lalaxi clarifies...
2018-08-21The Drafting Board7
Nice work, MysticHobo :)2018-08-20The Forum2
Adaptive Adoption: Frames of Reference
Scott tries to figure out what's happened...
2018-07-04The Drafting Board5
An Unknown Ally
Fina receives outside assistance...
2018-04-25The Drafting Board10
Adaptive Adoption2018-04-12The Drafting Board2
Arcade Anomaly: Shell Shock
Jon has an unpleasant surprise...
2018-03-05You Are What You Wish59
Thanks!2018-03-05The Forum5
Mist: A Mild Reconciliation
Jon offers an olive branch...
2018-02-15You Are What You Wish18
Arcade Anomaly: Reflections
Callie faces facts...
2018-02-14You Are What You Wish56
Heh...2018-02-14The Forum3
Both2018-02-05The Forum6
Hmm...2018-02-05The Forum6
Also2018-02-04The Forum4
Finally!2018-02-03The Forum3
Hmm2017-07-31The Forum3
Heh2017-07-19The Forum7
Eh2017-07-16The Forum6
Hmm2017-07-07The Forum4
Eh2017-07-06The Forum3
Nah2017-06-20The Forum3
Arcade Anomaly: Learning to Read
Mary changes further...
2017-06-15You Are What You Wish54
Eh2017-06-13The Forum6
Erm2017-06-13The Forum4
Catgirl World: Serious Conversations
Karyn and her sister have a talk...
2017-06-13You Are What You Wish10
Arcade Anomaly - The Haunted Palace
Kevin's adventure begins...
2017-06-06You Are What You Wish52
Catgirl World: About The Mouse
Tabby and the mouse...
2017-06-02You Are What You Wish8
Arcade Anomaly: Zoe's Discovery
Zoe meets a...benefactor...?
2017-05-30You Are What You Wish50
Catgirl World - Morning Discoveries
Jon and Karyn observe the world...
2017-05-10You Are What You Wish6
Yep2017-04-23The Forum7
Hmm...2017-04-23The Forum5
Eh2017-04-23The Forum6
Heh :D2017-04-22The Forum4
Arcade Anomaly: Zoe's Fate
Zoe meets her fate...
2017-04-22You Are What You Wish45
Arcade Anomaly: Coppelia's Lament
Diana makes a friend
2017-04-11You Are What You Wish43
MYST: Biff Sees Herself
A neighbor comes calling...
2017-03-25You Are What You Wish11
Heh...2017-03-19The Forum8
Heh...2017-03-17The Forum6
Arcade Anomaly: Changing Course
Zoe reaches the tipping point...
2017-03-01You Are What You Wish41
Hey!2017-02-11The Forum3
Arcade Anomaly: A Morning Out
Jon and Maggie go shopping...
2016-12-20You Are What You Wish39
Catgirl World Revisited
Karyn has an idea...
2016-11-18You Are What You Wish5
Arcade Anomaly: Jen's Debut
"Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song, and there's always music in the air..."
2016-11-05You Are What You Wish37
Well...2016-10-13The Forum7
Yeah...2016-10-13The Forum5
Yup.2016-10-13The Forum3
Arcade Anomaly: A Busy Afternoon
Zoe drinks...
2016-10-05You Are What You Wish35
Arcade Anomaly: A Brief Lesson In Metaphysics
Sarah and Diana go shopping...
2016-08-31You Are What You Wish33
Arcade Anomaly: Pitfall!
Karyn in the desert...
2016-08-24You Are What You Wish31
Arcade Anomaly: Worms For Breakfast...?
Jon takes the plunge...
2016-08-12You Are What You Wish30
By the way...2016-07-31The Forum7
Arcade Anomaly: Morning Meetings
Jon gains a companion...
2016-07-23You Are What You Wish28
Arcade Anomaly: Green Witch, Mean Time
Jon and the witch...
2016-07-14You Are What You Wish26
Yup2016-06-24The Forum9
Yeah...2016-06-22The Forum7
Ooh, nice :)2016-06-22The Forum5
Arcade Anomaly: A Busy Day
Jon takes a bath...
2016-06-22You Are What You Wish23
Heh :)2016-06-19The Forum3
Arcade Anomaly: Escape Plans
Darrin contemplates escape...
2016-06-03You Are What You Wish21
Arcade Anomaly - Foretelling
Jon gets her fortune
2016-05-25You Are What You Wish19
Arcade Anomaly: Athena's Discovery
Athena's discovery
2016-04-13You Are What You Wish17
Arcade Anomaly - Night Flight
Jon's journey...
2016-04-03You Are What You Wish16
Arcade Anomaly - Night Flight
Jon's journey...
2016-04-02You Are What You Wish15
Thanks :)2016-03-29The Forum3
Arcade Anomaly: And Here's The Wind-Up...
Another person enters the game...
2016-03-12You Are What You Wish14
Arcade Anomaly: The Plot Thickens
Athena makes an interesting discovery...
2016-02-25You Are What You Wish13
Ah2015-01-16The Forum3
No particular plans
2014-12-30The Forum4
Eh...2014-12-30The Forum3
David squares off with Matt...
2014-12-28You Are What You Wish33
Jon and the cat...
2014-12-26You Are What You Wish29
Mother's Advice
David and her mom talk abou clothes...
2014-12-25You Are What You Wish28
Possibilities (continued)
And further conversation...
2014-12-22You Are What You Wish26
Jon faces the future...
2014-12-22You Are What You Wish25
Either way2014-12-20The Forum4
David faces a difficult decision...
2014-12-18You Are What You Wish21
A Little History
Jon does some research...
2014-12-15You Are What You Wish17
A New Acquaintance
Jon meets the new Sarah
2014-12-10You Are What You Wish15
A Slight Commotion (revised)
Jon starts attracting attention...
2014-12-02You Are What You Wish13
A Slight Commotion
Jon starts attracting attention...
2014-12-02You Are What You Wish12
Unwanted Admiration
Zoe's reaction...
2014-11-25You Are What You Wish10
At the Nurse's Office
Jon and Karyn talk about it...
2014-11-21You Are What You Wish8
At The Hospital
Jon goes to the doctor...
2014-11-17You Are What You Wish5
Dream of the Sphinx
So many flavors of dumb luck...
2014-11-12You Are What You Wish3
Arcade Anomaly: Night Trek
Karyn takes off...
2014-10-30You Are What You Wish12
Arcade Anomaly: Lunch with Centaurs
Jon is taken in by a nice little farm family...
2014-09-03You Are What You Wish10
ELinks!2014-02-13The Forum6
Huh...2014-02-12The Forum4
Iridescent Stars: Taxi!
A strange change...
2014-01-19You Are What You Wish46
Iridescent Stars: Welcome to Godhood
Artemis and Gaia talk...
2014-01-07You Are What You Wish42


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