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41. Wheels within wheels

40. Me, Myself and I

39. Do you really know everything?

38. Temptations

37. Joe

36. freedom?

35. 'James' tells all

34. fight

33. Knocking

32. investigation (corrected)

31. Shannon's note

30. fight or flight

29. Discovering the Evidence

28. the Truth

27. Becoming one

26. Two's company

25. Avoiding past mistakes

24. the House

23. Promises

22. Sharon's decision

Wheels within wheels

on 2019-09-01 01:45:22

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“Ma’am please open the door” the police said as he knocked again.

Lisa saw a bathrobe hanging in a nearby closet. Without hesitation Lisa pulled reached down, unbuttoned her pants and slide them to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Sean whispered, holding the crying baby.

“Hand me the bathrobe.” Lisa hissed in a whisper, as she pulled Jack’s polo shirt off and begrudging dropped it to the floor.

“Be right there.” Lisa called out to the door.

Now only in her underwear, Lisa turned to snatched the robe out of Sean’s hand. She noticed his instant of hesitation when she turned as he saw her. In that instant she could see in his eyes, what she had quickly come to recognize when all men looked at her…desire. In a second his eyes scanned her body, taking in all of her features from her feet, up her legs, to her crotch, up her toned stomach, the pausing on her perfect breasts, until he finally looked at her face.

Lisa’s smiled dismissively at the absurdity of the situation, partially because the original Lisa, now Sean, was getting an eyeful of her old body and was apricating it like any normal man would have, which flatter Lisa to no end and also excited her. She was also terrified that if the police officer questioned her at length, she wasn’t sure what she was going to say. And if she was arrested…Jack would find out and it would ruin everything.

She quickly pulled on the robe and disheveled her hair. Then reached out and took the baby from Sean’s arms. Baby Joann, Sean had called her, but who was really Joe, the original Lisa’s former lover, transformed by the medallion into a baby girl by Sean.

Make the bed look likes it’s been slept in and hid in the bathroom.

“Ma’am please open the door now.” The police officer said.

Sean quickly raced over to the bed and messed the sheets up enough so that it looked like it had been slept in, the slipped into the bathroom.

While he did this, Lisa positioned her robe so that her left breast was sticking out of it. She then positioned Joann so that it would look like she had been trying to nurse the baby as she went to open the door.

As she reached for the handle and was opening the door, Lisa gasped and her eyes widened as Joann latched on to her nipple and began sucking.

“Ma’am are you…” the police officer started to say, but then saw the woman nursing her child and paused in surprise.

Lisa couldn’t help but look down at and gaze at a sight she never imagined in her she would see, a baby nursing, or attempting to nurse, at her large breast. The sight was so bizarre that she froze for a second, before glancing back up at the police officer.

The police officer regaining his composure looked up at Lisa.

“Ma’am are you alright? We received a report that there was commotion in this room, some type of a domestic argument.”

“What? No, just my daughter, not being able to sleep through the night, but I think she… about...OH god,” Lisa felt a tingle of pleasure course through her body as Joann continued to suck on her nipple. “…um, out for the evening.”

Lisa redden with embarrassment. Of all the strange that had happened to her since she had been James and had used the medallion to turn into a copy of Lisa, this was by far the most bizarre.

The officer scanned the room.

“And your all alone in here.” He asked.

“Just me and my daughter”, Lisa said and then added. “I think someone must have put in a prank call, or someone so annoyed by daughter’s crying that they called in the police, hoping you might get me to quiet her down. I’m doing the best I can, and I think she’s about cried out now, but would you like to come inside?”

Lisa felt like an idiot as she finished the sentence. Why had she just invited the cop inside the room. Her heart sank as he leaned his head in the room and looked around, but then he leaned back out.

“No need ma’am, everything looks in order here. You and your daughter have a good night.”

“Thank you officer, you too.” Lisa said closing the door.

She sighed with relief, but then gasped as in surprise and as another more intense tingle of pleasure rocked from her nipple, through her.

“It’s ok, you can come out now.”

Sean stepped out of the bathroom to see the bizarre sight of what appeared to be her previous body breastfeeding a baby.

“I heard the conversation, nicely done.”

“Thanks.” Lisa said as she gently pulled Joann away from her nipple. Instantly Joann started wailing again.

“Do you have a baby bottle, or pacifier or something? She wants something to suck on?”

“I didn’t think that far ahead.” Sean admitted looking around the room, then back to Lisa . “We don’t the police back here, so could…” he said gesturing back towards Lisa’s chest.

Lisa sighed and brought Joann back up to her nipple, then gasped as she once again latched on to it.

“We should probably wait 30 minutes or so before we get out of her.” Sean said pulling out a chair for Lisa to sit in.

“This feels so weird.” Lisa said looking down at the baby in her arms.

“Well, that’s an experience I never had as a woman.” Sean said, with a slight tinge of envy in his voice.

“Oh…hmmmm…Did you and Jack ever talk about having kids?” Lisa said feeling a flash of excitement at the thought of Jack, as tingles of pleasure continued to radiate from her nipple.

“We did, at first, but then when things soured I decided I didn’t want any.” Sean said watching Lisa.

“So did Jack want kids? Does he still want them?” Lisa whispered.

“He asks from time to time if I’ve changed my mind, so I think he must.” Sean replied.

Lisa looked down at the child in her arms, attempting to suckle on her tit. If she wanted to, she knew this could become a reality. If she choose to get pregnant, then in no time at all, this could be her child in her arms. She was already Jack’s wife, why not take the next step and be the mother to his children.

At the thought of it, a powerful orgasm rocketed through Lisa’s body. She let out a moan and shook for a moment.

Sean looked on pleased that his plan was working flawlessly. Sending the text to the ‘police officer’ had to be timed perfectly, and he’d hoped the actor he hired wouldn’t blow it, but he performed perfectly. Sean had set the robe in the closet with the intention of suggesting Lisa act like the mother, but to his surprise she come up with the idea all on her own. He suspected Joann would latch on to her nipple. Joe loved to suck on Lisa’s tits and even as a baby, Sean guessed that Joe would still have that same desire. And she was now watch James, who had accidently turned into her, fully embracing the idea of becoming a mother right in front of her eyes. Jack had always wanted kids, and now Lisa, in her own way, was making that possible for him.

“I think the cops should be gone now, so we can get out of here.” Sean said reaching down and gently removing Joann from Lisa’s arms. Lisa looked up almost crestfallen that the baby was being taken from her, but she also knew she had to go.

Joann began crying and Sean rocked her as Lisa stood up on wobbly legs, let the robe slide off her shoulders and began to get dressed.

Sean watch the beautiful nearly naked woman put on her clothes. It felt so long ago since he was that woman, but it was only the day before yesterday.

“You go first, and I’ll leave in just a few minutes.” Sean said.

“OK. What are you going to do with the baby?” Lisa asked not looking back, but instead staring at the door.

“I’ll surrender her someplace where she can be put up for adoption.”

“OK.” Lisa said heading towards the door. “But what about James?”

“Oh, I think I have a solution for that, too.”

Lisa didn’t want to know, so she didn’t ask. Instead she opened the door and walked through it, heading home to her life with Jack.

Sean waited a moment before reaching behind the bed and pulling out the baby bottle. He placed the nipple in Joann’s mouth and she was instantly silent, other than the soft sounds of her feeding.

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