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3. Sex/Power Crazed Maniac

2. where is love?

1. Altered Fates

Sex/Power Crazed Maniac

on 2006-06-23 19:41:07

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brian took 1 of the bras he wore lik all fags.

i'lll bcum a girl, he said.

he used the zulo medallion with the bra and became a hot girl that could wear the bra

wow, id think i was hot if i wasn't gay, lol."

he then met up with jerry

"hey hot stuff" jerry slapped her ass

"hi, let's have sex."

they had sex. it wasnt butt sex like the homo brian wanted, but it was really good, lol.

after, brian axidently slipped, and hit jerry with the bra. it turned jerry into another hot girl just like brin

"hey, cool!

brian decided to turn all the world into hot girls except some slave guys, bcuz queers like hanging out with chicks for some reason.

he then went into the streets transforming everyone

lol boobies

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