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2. where is love?

1. Altered Fates

where is love?

on 2006-06-23 01:29:49

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*author's note:

please don't add to this string if the episode you are adding is something stupid, like "the main character is turning into a sex/power crazed maniac!" i mean, sure, you can have the characters having sex, but keep it in the bounds of common sense. capisce? that being said, let's go to the story:*

Brian moved through the yard sale, angry at his parents. The fact was, Brian was gay, and his parents kept trying to change that. "hey it's not like the world will end because i like jeremy..." brian muttered to himself. he was about to leave the yard sale when he noticed a man leave a blakc case on the nearby table. while that in itself was not overly conspicuous, the man took a price tag from a earby item and stuck it on. then he ran off into the crowd.

"what the...?" Brian said to himself. he considered following the man, but instead chose to check what he had left. he opened the black case and saw a tarnished, cheap-looking medallion. in the corner of a box, he noticed a slip of paper that said "MEDALLION OF ZULO. READ BEFORE USE".

"Medallion of Zulo..." Brian thought for a moment. yes, he had heard of that. it was a magical amulet that could change people's appearances. this could solve all of my problems. he thought. he looked at the price tag.

"2.49. not a bad deal, even if it's just trash."

Brian went over to the card table that Mrs. Dewhust was sitting at.

"Hello Brian," Mrs. Dewhurst said. "how are things?"

"bad," Brian replied. "don't ask. anyway, I'd like to buy this."

To make a long story short, Brian bought the medallion and went home.

Later, as brian was in his room, he said to himself, "so many possibilities..."

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