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3. Role Reversal

2. Tommy

1. Altered Fates

Tommy Gets Big

on 2007-09-16 01:22:28

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Tommy was playing with his new shiny medallion, having so much fun that he considered just keeping it to himself. He flipped it and guessed which side would land, he threw it at things, he put it in his mouth. Tommy was 6, don't ask what he did after that.

After one particularly vibrant throw, the medallion landed on the couch next to Vanessa's jacket. Vanessa was cooking dinner in the kitchen, just close enough to check on tommy ever ten minutes or so. Tommy ran after the medallion as fast as his little legs could take him. He then climbed the big comfy couch and grabbed the medallion that landed squarely on his baby sitter's new stylish jacket. When Tommy picked up the medallion, it hurt him! He yelled in pain as his new favorite toy became evil and mean.

Vanessa ran into the room to see what happened. When she didn't see anything wrong, the 17 year old beauty gave a sigh of relief. Tommy kept screaming about his boo-boo, when there was no apparently reason for injury. Vanessa feared that it may be something internal, and decided to give Tommy and bath and put him to bed early to sleep out whatever it was.

Vanessa took the child in her arms, went upstairs, and stripped him, he seemed to get heavier with every step. She placed him in the empty bath, turned the water on, and called his parents about the pain. They thanked her for the call and agreed with her decision. They would be home in about 15 hours. Some long weekend vacation that meant a big pay off in the end. Vanessa heard the water stop running and decided to get a heads up on her homework as Tommy played in the tub.

Tommy switched off the water, staring at his body in amazement. He was finally becoming a big boy! The 6 year old was disappointed not to grow any more body hair, but he was delighted by his new long legs none the less. And that's not all that grew. Even his chest grew big. He was a little upset when his wee-wee disappeared, but his new parts felt so good, he didn't really mind at all.

Tommy got out of the bathtub and saw Vanessa, naked in the mirror. He immediately felt em brassed, he liked Vanessa and she wouldn't like to see him naked in his new manly body. He grabbed a towel and put it around his waist as always, then he felt wrong and put it around his new chest instead. Vanessa was wearing one too.

Vanessa finished up a pre-calc problem and went to get Tommy out of the bath and into bed. What she walked into as she walked into the opening bathroom door, was a naked duplicate of herself. Soaked. Naked. With a really stupid smile. So much for getting homework done.

Tommy told her in her own voice how he was a big boy now and then, distracted by something else, started ranting about his lucky medal. Vanessa made a quick connection and found the box Tommy came home with. Inside was a note, Vanessa read it and thought of her next move.

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