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2. Tommy

1. Altered Fates


on 2006-01-03 03:27:33

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Vanessa was babysitting Tommy across the street. Tommy looked out the window and asked if they could go to the yard sale. Vanessa was tired but if it would make him promise to go to bed early she could get her homework done so she agreed.
Tommy rushed up to Susan.
"Miss Susan I have a dollar what can I get for that?"
Susan smiled, "We're just trying to get rid of stuff. Take what you want Tommy."
Vanessa stopped him "But only one thing, ok?"
"Ok." Tommy wandered off. The first thing he grabbed was a Cow salt shaker. Then he felt guilty, his mom's birthday was soon and he had saved the dollar to buy her something. Just then he noticed a small box. Inside was a pretty Medallion.
He grabbed the box and ran to Susan.
"Can I have this for mom's birthday?"
"Of course sweet heart." She declined the dollar and sent him on his way.

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