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2. The Good Life

1. You Are What You Wish

The Good Life

on 2005-04-30 17:07:19
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-02-28 18:21:17

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Jon woke up the next morning early. He usually slept in, but today was different. Today he was going to use the stone to his advantage. He looked around his room.

"Well the first thing I could do is fix this place up." said Jon "I wish there was a wide-screen plasma TV along that wall with cable and all the PPV channels for free." One appeared there.

"Ok, pretty good. I wish I had a billiards table in my room." a pool table appeared. "I wish I had a refrigerator that never ran out of whatever food or drinks I want." A mini-fridge appeared. Jon walked over to it, and opened it.

It was as though the laws of nature didn't apply to it. It had every food imaginable in it. From Pizza, to ice cream to already cooked popcorn. From soda to water to beer. Jon reached in and found out that the things that were supposed to be hot(like the popcorn and pizza) were hot, while the things that should be cold were cold.

Jon grabbed a beer and chugged it. "I wish I had by own personal bathroom whose only entrance was my bedroom." A door appeared. Jon walked into his new luxurious bathroom and took a wiss. "I wish that my bathroom would automatically clean itself and have no bad odor."

Jon saw the bathroom become high-tech. Little robots come out a cleaned the bathroom until it sparkled.

Jon went back into his bedroom. "I wish I had the most comfortable bed in the world, and I will never have to make it or have the sheets and covers cleaned" The bed instantly sprung to life as it grew to a King sized 4 post bed with silk sheets and the softest mattress Jon had ever felt.

He laid down on it. In this relaxed mode he said "I wish there was no school today."

But as Jon laid there he realized that he wasn't tired. He sat up, and got undressed. Sitting on his bed naked he looked at himself and said

"I wish I was..."

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