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No Character is set in stone, but...
Character Reference
2017-06-21The Forum3
Conjoined Morning Ritual
Waking up the next Morning
2017-05-24You Are What You Wish5
NoIP: Jon Crashes2017-03-29You Are What You Wish16
NoIP: Premature2017-03-28You Are What You Wish15
NoIP: Jon Looks for Nina2017-03-28You Are What You Wish14
NoIP: Seeing the Girl in the Mirror
NoIP- Seeing the Girl in the Mirror
2017-03-26You Are What You Wish13
There may be a branch like that...
I think there may be a branch like that...
2016-11-08The Forum3
2016-10-17The Forum4
Multiple Bodies2016-10-10The Forum2
Hat Picks: Jon's First Bra
Jon's First Bra
2016-10-10You Are What You Wish9
Hat Picks: Jon learns how Girls are Different
What Makes Girls and Boys Different
2016-10-10You Are What You Wish8
Hat Picks: 1 Jon - 4 Bodies
Jon Needs Help in the Restroom
2016-10-10You Are What You Wish7
NoIP: On With the Show!
Let the Show Begin!
2015-09-25You Are What You Wish12
NoIP: Jon sits down to watch the show
Jon gets a seat out front
2015-09-24You Are What You Wish11
NoIP: Karyn and Jon go Back Stage
Karyn goes Backstage
2015-09-23You Are What You Wish10
NoIP: Karyn takes the Lead
Karyn leads the next trip
2015-09-22You Are What You Wish9
NoIP: Jon in the Junk Pile
Back to the Mall
2015-09-22You Are What You Wish8
NoIP: Karyn Calls Jon at Home
The phone rings
2015-09-21You Are What You Wish7
I'm in favor of a migration
In favor of a migration
2015-09-06The Forum12
Juliet can be an actress
my idea
2015-02-01The Forum4
Matt and Will Meet up with Karyn
Karyn's Left Behind
2015-01-26You Are What You Wish14
Juliet remembers who she is
Elliot Reminds Juliet who he is
2015-01-26You Are What You Wish13
Karyn gets revenge
She is Angry
2010-09-15You Are What You Wish8
ZoD: Zoe's twice as busty
Zoe gets Zapped
2010-05-09You Are What You Wish14
Hat Picks: Bad sleep for the hat victims
During the night
2010-04-09You Are What You Wish16
Hat Picks: Find a private place to pick
Find somewhere private
2009-11-16You Are What You Wish5
Hat Picks: Jon has 4 bodies
Karyn want's to know what happened
2009-10-13You Are What You Wish5
Hat Picks: Jon gets comfortable in Karyn's Bed
Karyn helps Jon into bed
2009-10-13You Are What You Wish8
Hat Picks: Jon's new tushie
Karyn gets him some sweatpants
2009-10-13You Are What You Wish5
Hat Picks: Jon Dodges a Bullet
Jon dodges a bullet
2009-09-20You Are What You Wish5
Sarah Pisses off Pete
They call Pete a Perv
2008-07-14You Are What You Wish9
Karyn's Envy Skull: History Repeats Itself
Jon helps Karyn
2008-06-21You Are What You Wish15
Karyn's Envy Skull: Back to the beginning
Time reverts
2008-06-21You Are What You Wish14
Karyn's Envy Skull: Egging on the Enemy
The stripper goes mad with wishes
2008-06-21You Are What You Wish13
Karyn's Envy Skull: Karyn Explains
Karyn Explains
2008-06-21You Are What You Wish12
Karyn's Envy Skull: Stripper in the bathroom
sex change all around
2008-06-21You Are What You Wish11
Karyn's Envy Skull: Two men's wishes
Two men walk in
2008-06-20You Are What You Wish10
Karyn's Envy Skull: Trapped in a Men's Room Naked
in the Men's room
2008-06-20You Are What You Wish9
Karyn's Envy Skull: See her naked.
a bystander makes a wish
2008-06-20You Are What You Wish8
Envy Skull: Karyn shrinks
2008-06-20You Are What You Wish7
Gary the Deer
2008-06-19You Are What You Wish8
Jon decides on Zoe's list
Zoe's long list
2008-05-19You Are What You Wish13
Growth and Shrinkage
Karyn's package
2008-05-19You Are What You Wish6
haha! Jon's a cow
Linda comes downstairs
2008-04-24You Are What You Wish9
Jon Tests the Shrink Ray
Jon tests the Gun
2008-03-18You Are What You Wish14
Karyn misunderstand's Jon's predicament
Karyn want's no more of THAT
2007-12-04You Are What You Wish16
Jon's addiction
back to Jon
2007-11-02You Are What You Wish11
Karyn gets bigger2007-11-02You Are What You Wish10
Karyn quacks and Jon snacks
duck bill
2007-10-31You Are What You Wish9
Jon joins Karyn on the Couch
2007-10-30You Are What You Wish8
Jon examines his boob
Jon examines
2007-10-29You Are What You Wish6
Timestamp test2007-10-08You Are What You Wish2
Karyn's Spell
Jon's reaction
2007-09-29You Are What You Wish7
Jon find out a little about the two girls.
who are the girls?
2007-08-04You Are What You Wish6
Jon's wish about Karyn's tits
2007-05-18You Are What You Wish9
NOT SPAM - Karyn's dare
Karyn's dare
2007-05-07You Are What You Wish16
Dumb Wish backfires
Dumb wish is a little open ended...
2007-04-01You Are What You Wish4
The boob pair chat it up
don't know
2006-12-22You Are What You Wish5
Who are they on?
whose boobs?
2006-12-22You Are What You Wish4
Twin Stones: Taller and Stronger
taller and stronger
2006-11-09You Are What You Wish8
Gotta embarress someone
she's thrilled
2006-11-07You Are What You Wish5
Jon Feels himself up
you'd go topless
2006-10-13You Are What You Wish7
A welcoming hand
Jon wishes
2006-06-28You Are What You Wish8
Disguise Karyn
Change her
2006-06-06You Are What You Wish8
Four legged
2006-06-06You Are What You Wish9
Playing a little trick on Miss Warren
Could be in my own body
2006-01-09You Are What You Wish9
Karyn does what you want
Complete Control
2006-01-07You Are What You Wish5
Jon and Pete are now Even
2005-12-31You Are What You Wish7
TOY with Karyn
Just TOY with her
2005-12-31You Are What You Wish5
Punish Pete
Jon fixes himself
2005-12-29You Are What You Wish6
Share the stone with the body2005-12-28You Are What You Wish3
Kary's slight physical chang
A slight physical Change
2005-12-27You Are What You Wish5
Jon must fuck to lose tits
have sex
2005-12-27You Are What You Wish7
Mikey is in BIG trouble
Mikey's in trouble
2005-12-27You Are What You Wish8
Jon isn't Karyn's Bra anymore...
no longer a bra
2005-12-25You Are What You Wish4
Jon's ready for some tanning...
skimpy under garmets
2005-12-23You Are What You Wish25
Jon The Dog
Chelsea runs away
2005-12-19You Are What You Wish5
eh....2005-12-14You Are What You Wish13
Mikey thinks he's safe
Mikey gets to school
2005-12-14You Are What You Wish13
Nothing but babel
2005-12-14You Are What You Wish11
Mikey's up next
trying to get away
2005-12-13You Are What You Wish12
swap the sex2005-12-13You Are What You Wish7
Linda loses Mikey
Mikey gets away
2005-12-13You Are What You Wish12
Fornification at the beach! Can't have that!
Karyn sees a hot couple going at it
2005-12-12You Are What You Wish6
Karyn gets another turn
Jon's suit is fixed
2005-12-12You Are What You Wish5
Jon can't wear clothes... ever
2005-12-11You Are What You Wish6
Jon's mom as Jon comes home
"Mom" comes home
2005-12-11You Are What You Wish10
nude beach
no swimsuit
2005-12-11You Are What You Wish3
Mikey the Gymnast
Front row seat
2005-12-11You Are What You Wish11
The bodies begin to affect the friends
get comfortable
2005-12-09You Are What You Wish14
Pete's got a plan of some sort....
while Karyn's away
2005-12-08You Are What You Wish13
Jon's done for now2005-12-08You Are What You Wish12
Karyn's Turn2005-12-03You Are What You Wish4
Be Proud of your Body
be proud
2005-11-26You Are What You Wish10
Interested about the other sex
Getting used to it
2005-11-22You Are What You Wish9
Zoe runs away
Zoe Goes upstairs
2005-11-20You Are What You Wish6
Eating a sandwich can be hard
play with her a bit
2005-11-16You Are What You Wish5
Master PC on Zoe
A good idea
2005-11-15You Are What You Wish4
The Four "Boys"
The Four Boys
2005-11-09You Are What You Wish7
Karyn stops Pete from going "too" far
Take off your Bra
2005-11-08You Are What You Wish5

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