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3. His Crush

2. Fred and George

1. Altered Fates

Ron's dream girl becomes a nightmare...

on 2005-11-21 07:31:41

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Ron looked down at the piece of clothing he was holding. He recognized the pink jacket. She wore it all the time. He loved how it looked on her, and from the funny feeling in his gut, he was about to see how it felt for her to wear it.

He felt the changes start at his feet. They grew smaller as his legs grew shorter, somewhat shaplier, and devoid of hair. There was an uncomfortable shift in his groin as he felt his testes draw up into his bodies to become her ovaries and his penis inverted itself to become her vagina. His hips then widened out to make room for her developing uterus.

Ron's waist and shoulders narrowed, as whatever muscles he had in his upper body began to soften. He could feel the tingling in his chest as his nipples and areolae expanded, and he knew what was next. There was a pressure behind her nipples and after what seemed like ages, her breasts began to push out from his chest. She hadn't developed very far yet, and her breasts were still smallish, but he'd never cared. Now, however, they felt much bigger than they had ever looked on her, and they made Ron uncomfortable.

The final changes took place as his face shifed and his hair grew long and somewhat bushy as it turned from red to brown before his eyes. He moved to the nearest mirror, noticing every change in his body, and when he got there, he saw Hermione staring back at him, a horrified look on her face.

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