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2. Fred and George

1. Altered Fates

Altered Fates Harry Potter Style.

on 2005-11-19 15:14:39

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The characters in the following branches belong to J.K. Rowling

Our favorite tricksters were on the annual muggle garage run to see if they could find anything rare and magical.

Fred noticed a rare artifact.

"Hey George isn't that" Fred said before George cut him off

"Why yes it is Fred: The Medallion of Zulo." George said picking it up. They paid the 5 pounds for it and were on their way.

"So how will we know if it works." Fred said

"Easy" George said "We'll change into each other"

They swapped clothes and changed into each other meaning they really didn't do much.

"It worked. This thing could be great for pranks." Fred said

"But who should we use it on first" George said

After a moment of thinking they both said "Ron"

The twins returned home.

"Oh Ron" They called

"What do you blokes want" Ron said

"We wanted to give you this." Fred said putting the medallion around Ron's neck. George had gone off to get something.

"Bloody 4ell what is this dang thing" Ron said

"It's called the Medallion of Zulo. It changes the wearer into another person when the medallion comes in contact with that person's clothing." Fred said

"That's a load of bull" Ron said

"Oh yeah then think fast" George said as he threw an article of female of clothing and it touched the medallion.

Ron then began to transform into....

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