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3. Idol of transformation

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Idol of transformation

on 2019-07-11 23:13:08

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This story involves 18-year old Eric who is about to go off to college. As he does so, his mother gives him an idol that she was told would bring him luck. However, the idol soon begins to slowly transform Eric into a copy (in mind, body, and soul) of his mother Natalie.....

Eric Young was about to embark on a new adventure. High School had come and gone, and he was just now ready to head off to college. In fact, he was about to head off to the dorms himself as the semester was not too far away. It was quite the emotional time as one would expect. He had said good bye to his parents and sisters, all wishing him luck, though not without some teasing from said sisters.

"Okay, I think that's everything," Eric smiled, making sure everything was packed in.

His mother, Natalie, was perhaps the most emotional of all, which wasn't too surprising. She had always been like that of course. Right now she was outside with Eric, making sure everything was good.

"We're all going to miss seeing you around," she said.

"Well, it's not like I'm going to be that far away," Eric chuckled a bit.

"True, still it's quite the difference," she smiled, before pulling something out. "So, I thought you might like this."

Natalie had quite the interest in old relics and the like, and she had recently gotten this little idol that Eric had seen around a couple times. It was a nice little trinket, if not a little creepy from his viewpoint.

"You mean that?" Eric asked.

"Yes. It's said to bring good luck," she said. "So, I think you need it most of it."

"I'd like to think that's a little exaggerated," Eric smiled, though he took the idol anyway. "But thanks Mom."

"It's nothing honey," she said, before giving Eric another hug.

With that, it was time to go. Eric's car had everything he needed, and before long he was off, waving good bye to the family before making the drive to the college dorms.

However, none noticed the brief glow that came from the idol.

“Good luck, huh?” Eric said as he chuckled to himself as he departed to college.
During the trip he noticed that his favorite rap song had come on the station. After a few songs he realized that each was basically just a repetition of themselves and decided to change the channel to something different. He changed the dial on the car radio until settling on a classical music station. Typically, Eric hated classical music but he now had a new perspective on it. It was just so relaxing compared to rap.
“Weird, I always told mom how bad her classical music albums were but I think I really like it!” Eric said to himself. As he continued driving his frame slightly shrank from his usual 5’8 to his mother’s 5’6. Without realizing this, he adjusted the car seat.
Eric then realized that his car was low on gas. When stopping at a gas station he decided to grab a cup of coffee as well. Again, he noted this as strange since he usually hated coffee but his mother loved it. Shrugging these similarities off, Eric continued on his drive as he felt his hand being squeezed, looking down he gasped as his hand was noticeable shrinking in front of his eyes!
“What the hell!” Eric said as he realized the nails began to lengthen as well. Immediately Eric pulled over to the side of the road and got out of the car. “Maybe I just need a breather,” he thought.
All the while, the navy sports car he was driving had begun changing form into a white minivan—just like his mother had at home...

"Man, this is so weird," Eric said to himself, hands on his hips along the side of the road.

Well, this had been an odd start to his day. Getting some time to think for a bit, he wondered if he was coming down with something. It was kind of strange that he suddenly didn't seem all that in to his usual music, yet his mom's music seemed to work just fine. Plus, why coffee? Looking at the coffee cup sitting in his car, he wondered why it tasted good all of a sudden.

"Heck, I just said I hated the smell of it yesterday," Eric mumbled.

After getting a little bit more air, he eventually walked back inside the car, only further noticing something being off with it. It was starting to look a lot bigger, with even a middle seat appearing in the second row. The pieces of blue all over the car seemed to be slowly fading away into white, unless it was just a trick of the light. Eric sighed, wondering if he was going crazy. After giving another look at his small hands which still had longer nails, he had a feeling he was getting a little light-headed.

"I wonder if the idea of college is getting to me," he sighed.

Perhaps it really was just nerves, or just a little illness. He hoped that maybe it would subside a little later on once he got settled into the dorms. With that in mind and taking a deep breath, he turned the car back on, eventually merging back on to the road.

"" he slowly wondered to himself. Did he need anything else before he arrived? "Hmm.....?"

While he was thinking though, the skin on his arms began to feel smoother, flowing up his arms until they were looking like those of a woman. His muscles, which weren't big but decent, even began to smooth and shrink into arms that were healthy though not muscular, much like your mom who kept in shape with her workouts. Furthermore, with a slight crack, Eric's shoulders caved in a little.

You know, maybe those workouts would be good for Eric one of these days, he began to think. Mom always did look pretty good after working out, unlike a lot of other people.

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