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8. Trish's plan

7. Trish Delivers the Goods

6. Not just anyone, Linda was ...

5. Another Cheerleader is needed

4. Becky talks to her Uncle about

3. Niece Becky

2. James has a complicated life

1. Altered Fates

Trish's plan

on 2007-07-14 17:44:30

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"So do you think he'll do it?" Trish asked eagerly. Trish was really excited at the thought of Becky's hunky Uncle James being turned not only into a high school girl, but into the cheerleading teams flier! She knew that with the clothes they had, James would be turned into the smallest girl on the team. Also, the clothes had never been worn before, so Trish figured that since James was so good looking as a man, he would make a beautiful girl.

"I don't know." Becky said discouraged. "I have been racking my brain trying to think of a way to talk him into it, but it's a really hard sell. And from the way he said 'he would think about it', I got the feeling that he will probably say no. And I can't think of anyone else we could get to do it."

Trish felt a stab of disappointment. She didn't know why, but the thought of James transformed and having to prance around school in a cheerleading outfit excited her. She had to make it happen.

"Becky how badly do you want us to win that competition?"

"More than anything! It could really make a big difference to which colleges I can go to. Not only can I put it on my transcript, which could help me get into a better school, but I would then be a shoe in for a major scholarship and I would be eligible for a full scholarship to some of the colleges I want to go to." Becky thought for a moment. "That's what I have to tell me Uncle.

"But what if he still says no?"

"I don't know. I guess we would have to drop out of the competition. God, I feel so desperate."

Trish knew this was the perfect moment. "Then we can't let him say no. We have all the stuff, lets make the decision for him."

The two argued outside for the next hour and half, until Becky reluctantly gave in to Trish's plan.

The two girls snuck into James' place with the bag of new clothes. They listened and heard that the house was now quiet. Becky went to where she had last seen the medallion; she was both relieved and disappointed when she found it, as now she was going to have to go through with the plan.

"You sure we won't wake him up?" Trish whispered outside of his bedroom door.

"No, he is dead to the world when he sleeps."

Trish looked down at the new clothes they were going to use: some teen dance tights that would shrink James height to the smallest girl on the team, g-string panties, a hair scrunchy to lengthen 'her' hair and a C cupped bra. Trish wished she had a bigger bra, but that's what Becky had told her to get, but she knew on the small frame that 'Jamie' was about to have they would practically seem like D's.

Even with plastic bags over their hands, the two deftly and noiselessly slipped the medallion over James sleeping head. Simultaneously they touched all of the items to the medallion, then stood back as James' body began to change. Since he was under the blankets they didn't see much of the change, but after half hour they could tell that the body under the blankets was no longer that of a 6'4" man, but that of a petite high school girl. The two carefully took the medallion off of the sleeping girl and went into the next room to talk.

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