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Jill's 'gift' to James
secondary uses of the medallion
2009-11-22Altered Fates30
Jill's 'gift' to James
secondary uses of the medallion
2009-11-22Altered Fates30
Bound and tied
To the bedroom
2009-11-22Altered Fates29
Enough is enough
the Tattoo
2009-10-11Altered Fates23
Tramp Stamped
tattooed too
2009-10-05Altered Fates22
...her bag!
2009-09-30Altered Fates20
Reading the directions2008-07-05Altered Fates14
Returned unexpectedly2008-04-20Altered Fates5
Someone has a key2008-04-19Altered Fates4
Erin joins in2008-03-16Altered Fates23
Tell Jack2008-02-09Altered Fates19
Now what?2008-01-20Altered Fates18
I know pronouce you Man and Wife2008-01-12Altered Fates16
What have I done?2007-11-03Altered Fates23
And then2007-10-20Altered Fates33
Dancing Braless2007-10-20Altered Fates31
And now a bet2007-10-10Altered Fates29
A drink and a bet2007-09-13Altered Fates27
Jamie get's ready, Dwayne shows up2007-09-02Altered Fates23
Clothes shopping2007-08-04Altered Fates19
Trish plays the lawyer
Trish's plays the lawyer
2007-07-28Altered Fates18
Now the front2007-07-27Altered Fates17
James wakes up, Trish arrives2007-07-16Altered Fates12
The new James2007-07-15Altered Fates10
Trish's plan2007-07-14Altered Fates8
Another Cheerleader is needed2007-07-08Altered Fates5
Becky talks to her Uncle about the medallion2007-07-07Altered Fates4
A Kiss2007-06-30Altered Fates21
A Toast2007-06-30Altered Fates20
Linda Interupts2007-06-10Altered Fates19
Tom said let's get out of here2007-06-10Altered Fates19
The funeral2007-06-02Altered Fates18
had fainted2007-05-28Altered Fates17
James' Appartment2007-05-28Altered Fates16
Cloned?2007-05-28Altered Fates18
James' Sister
2007-05-28Altered Fates15
James arrested?2007-05-26Altered Fates13
Carried Away
Becky gets carried away
2007-03-24Altered Fates11
Vegas baby-doll2007-03-15Altered Fates15
A proposal2007-03-10Altered Fates14
Kidnapped?2007-03-06Altered Fates9
Let's go out to dinner
Let's go to dinner
2007-02-18Altered Fates8
A drive with Otis2007-02-08Altered Fates13
A plan2007-02-08Altered Fates12
James to Becky2007-01-26Altered Fates6
Strip and...2006-12-31Altered Fates21
James remembers2006-12-25Altered Fates10
Three months later2006-12-25Altered Fates9
Becky tells her Uncle2006-12-23Altered Fates5
Tom's truth and another dare2006-12-21Altered Fates20
Dare2006-12-18Altered Fates19
To Erin's
Tom arrived
2006-12-09Altered Fates17
Maybe later
2006-12-09Altered Fates16
Approached2006-12-09Altered Fates15
Niece Becky2006-12-03Altered Fates3
Mud Wrestling2006-11-23Altered Fates13
A yellow taxi2006-09-07Altered Fates6
Dive right in2006-09-07Altered Fates5
Anger2006-08-02Altered Fates18
A call to Lisa2006-07-28Altered Fates17
A Rave2006-06-23Altered Fates6
Mud Wrestling party
Mud Wrestling party?
2006-06-23Altered Fates6
The mall and the invitation
Into the mall
2006-06-17Altered Fates5
To Dominate Lisa
To Dominate Her
2006-06-10Altered Fates16
James goes to Lisa's house2006-06-04Altered Fates13
Things get a little crazy at the mall2006-06-04Altered Fates12
Testing the perfume2006-06-04Altered Fates11
A bottle of perfume2006-04-16Altered Fates10
James wakes up
In the morning
2006-03-11Altered Fates17
The airport
Off to Vegas
2006-02-18Altered Fates7
Grab the medallion2006-02-18Altered Fates6
Jack's out of town2005-12-31Altered Fates6
The body2005-12-31Altered Fates16
A prisoner in Jill's appartment
2005-12-28Altered Fates7
The ultimatum2005-12-24Altered Fates12
Arriving at the club2005-12-24Altered Fates14
Joe calls
Joe call;s
2005-12-24Altered Fates10
The hand job begins...2005-12-17Altered Fates14
Ending #32005-12-04Altered Fates14
Ending #22005-12-04Altered Fates14
Ending #12005-12-04Altered Fates14
Riley's turn2005-12-04Altered Fates13
Why not?2005-12-04Altered Fates12
Free2005-12-04Altered Fates11
Gag's off2005-12-04Altered Fates10
A threesome?2005-12-04Altered Fates13
Riley does to Dennis, what Dennis did to Missy
Dennis get's his
2005-12-03Altered Fates9
Be my date2005-12-03Altered Fates13
James feels guilty2005-12-03Altered Fates12
'James' answers the door2005-12-02Altered Fates9
All dressed, but where to go?2005-11-29Altered Fates9
Sharon takes advantage2005-11-28Altered Fates11
The babysitter2005-11-28Altered Fates8
The return of the Pizza Guy2005-11-28Altered Fates7
Go2005-11-27Altered Fates11
Stop2005-11-27Altered Fates11
A masked man2005-11-27Altered Fates8
Watchin' the porno2005-11-27Altered Fates5
A call to Lisa2005-11-26Altered Fates11
The real James shows up
A knock at the door...
2005-11-25Altered Fates10

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