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2. James has a complicated life

1. Altered Fates


on 2005-04-24 18:16:59

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James had had a really strange day at work today. He had been friends with Lisa for several years know and they were very close friends. They shared everything and James had developed serious feeling for her, but unfortunately she was married. They had talked about having an affarie at one time, but James just couldn't do it, he wanted to, but just couldn't. They stayed close friends, but he always regretted not taking his chance when he had it. Now Lisa had new excitment in her life. Lisa would tell James how her and her husband Jack were having a threesome with a girl named Sharon. But Lisa also to James about an affaire she was having with a guy named Joe. James was jealious of this, but kept quite, even when he found out she hooked up with Joe shortly after James had decided not to sleep with her. She trusted James so much that she even told Joe that he knew about them. That day, Lisa had to leave work early for a doctors appointment, but to James that she would be meeting up with Joe later at a local hotel. James was saddened and spent the rest of the day working. Then close to the end of the day he got a phone call from Joe saying he couldn't make it to the hotel tonight and could he please tell Lisa for him. Before he could tell him that Lisa had already gone, Joe had hung up.

So James was driving home with so many things on his mind when he saw the yard sale. He decided to stop to take his mind of his problems for a few minutes.

"I guess I am going to have to go to the hotel and tell Lisa that Joe can't make it. Or maybe I won't and that will ruin it for him. Hell, I don't know what to do." James thought as he looked around.

"Look at all this junk. It looks like they were hauling it to the curb to throw it away and then got tired and put up a yard sale sign."

James was about to leave when he found the little box with the medallion inside it. When he opened it, his eyes grew wide with amazement as he recognized what it was.

"This looks like that Medallion of Zulo from those stories on the internet." James quickly paid the fifty cents for it and took it to his car. He took it out of the box and found the note that confirmed that it was what he thought it was. Quickly he drove home.

"What should I do with this?" He thought as he closed his front door. "The possiblites are endless. Maybe I could go to goodwill and pick up somethings?"

But then James remember that he had an ideam of his exgirlfiend Karen's lingerie upstairs. He had packed it away years ago. He thought what it would be like to be an eighteen year old hottie. That would be cool, but then he thought about Lisa. Maybe he could tell her about it. He could go to the hotel and tell her tonight, or he could wait until Monday at work. James thought for a moment what it would like to be Lisa. Her beautiful face, her long flowing brown hair, her sexy body. What it might be like to have D cupped breasts. But he wanted her and she would be at the hotel in an hour or so. To bad he couldn't go there and have sex with her and tell her about the medallion later.

"I just have to make a decision." James thought.

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