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2. The demon is summoned

1. The Drafting Board

Two brothers and a demon

on 2019-01-07 13:49:49

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The Davis family was quite ordinary in most respects. There were two children and two parents- a standard nuclear family. Their parents Amanda and Gregory were somewhat different. Amanda worked as a teacher while Gregory was a salesman. Somewhat… unsuccessful at his trade by most measures. Amanda did most of the income as a result. She worked hard raising Thomas and Joshua. The two were almost two sides of the same coin and very different to the other with only two years apart in their age.

Thomas was the elder of the two brothers. With just black hair he and fair of features he was fairly handsome teenager. He was gifted in studying particular with mathematics. He used to enjoy video games until he realised he lost every time- which made him vow to go for such ‘frivolous’ pursuits again.

Joshua on the other hand was very popular. He played football for his school and was considered very highly by his team. He had shorter hair in small natural curls. With slightly bushier eyebrows he was leaner and perhaps even slightly taller then his older brother. It was often teased that Joshua looked like he was the elder one with his more mature looks.

Joshua wondered what his big brother was doing being so secretive of late. He was sneaking out at night and coming back about an hour later with the strangest of bits and pieces. Herbs, nails, some crayons- at first he thought it was some kind of project. Maybe to do with school, though the more he looked the stranger it became. He decided to confront him in the corridor to catch him in the act. Whatever it was, he wanted in on it too- or so he thought.

“Tom?” He called out.

Tom had his backpack on and at this time of night… so very suspicious. “Oh… hey,” He replied.

“What’s in the bag?” Joshua tried to look curiously.

“Stuff,” Tom replied. “It’s not your business anyway.”

Joshua blinked at the unusual and cold response from his older brother. “It’s not drugs is it?” he asked in an almost teasing way. There was no way of course, Tom just… didn’t seem the type. He didn’t even ‘know’ anyone who could get him that stuff.

“No!” his older brother snorted. “I’m going to bed...”

Joshua watched him go down the hallway. Something was up… he heard the click of his brother’s door being locked. Since when did his brother lock the door? He was sure their parents wouldn't like that.

“I’m going to find out what’s going on..”

Thomas sighed as he took out the strange book from his backpack. It had odd symbols on it and looked so very old. Perhaps around the 16th century based on the curious pictures. It seemed to have mythical creatures of every kind. Written in Latin Tom was on his computer carefully translating each text. Straight on the front was a dragon and a single closed eye. The dragon looked to be drawn with half circles of both a Good and Evil version and separated out were various other kinds of creatures. Unicorns and fairies and such on the right sight, with Demons and harpies on the left. It was like a great clash of good and evil being depicted.

“One of Each entombed on the page. Myths that existed in a different age...” He found the book in a trash bin. He wasn’t sure quite why but… he was sure the dragon’s eyes opened when he picked it up. There was something here… he was sure of it.

… maybe it could give him something he wanted. If magic was real- and right now he believed in it. It had to be real…

Carefully he examined each page as they showed various strange creatures. “The unicorn… Calista… Bind in chains of iron or suffer destruction by her grace… she desires nothing and gives only what she will… a force of nature… summoned on the moon of...” He struggled to translate it. Some of these creatures it was suggested could only be summoned at a particular time. Elves, fairies, mermaids… gods… they could all be brought forth.

Tom wanted something… and only one person looked safe enough to summon with the materials he had. “The Demon… Emari...” He looked at the rather pretty looking demon girl in quiet thought. “A demon for those who wish to gain something and not lose their soul…” That certainly was a good thing. Could he really summon an actual demon though? “While Demon summoning can be dangerous they are easily sent back if the seals are prepared correctly. This demon will leave automatically at the… appointed hour.”

He had began to convert his room into an actual summoning circle. He used the markers to draw into the carpet the sealing pentagram. He placed the candles on each point… meticulously he followed the directions… the fact that this demon would leave when no longer needed was also a bonus.

Joshua grinned as he went through his father’s tools. He needed a strong magnet- or at least the means to make one. “You’re not the only one with smarts bro,” He grinned as he found a suitable large piece of iron and started to wrap wire around it. He found an old lead battery for a car and figured it would be strong enough. Heavy though it was, he had indeed created a very powerful electromagnet.

He took it carefully to his brother’s room. He used the magnet onto the lock and felt it get attracted through the thin wood. Carefully he started to slide it across… he wasn’t sure if the lock was sliding but- his efforts seemed to be reward.

He carefully opened the door setting it ajar. The room looked so different! Lit in candles- God what was Tom doing! His brother seemed to be chanting odd words from a piece of paper. The candles suddenly changed colour. Joshua was so surprised he dare not do anything. He had to tell his parents. Tom was into some weird freaky stuff!

A sudden light sparked in the center. He watched as a figure glowed in red fire along a feminine form. She then started to look more human wearing what looked like black leather. She had shocking red hair running all the way down her hips. A spaded tail and small horns on her form. She had a mini-skirt on that showed off her curious red legs. The legs themselves ended in actual hooves.

“I am Emari… demon of the fourth sphere of Barai...” She folded her arms across her chest. She was quite sexy looking- the demon flashed an eye towards Joshua suddenly and he froze.

Emari looked back to Tom.

Tom stared. “It.. worked? Holy crap!” He stared at her.

“Yeah mortal, holy crap whatever,” Emari tried to walk towards him- and found herself struck by a barrier. “Hm… a third level pentagram… not bad. Well aligned you even corrected for astral conditions… you were really that worried about summoning little me?” She grinned.

“I didn’t even know demons were real,” Tom admitted. “I just.. had to be sure. I followed everything in this book-”

“Oh! You’ve got a copy of the Mythronomicon!” She laughed in delight. “I wonder how you got it… well no matter. Do you want to know all it’s secrets? I can give you all the knowledge… you… desire… you want to know… don’t you? You could have -anything- you want from the book...” She giggled again straining her red hands across the barrier.

Tom looked impassively. “We have a thing called the internet. I’m quite able to translate everything on the book...” He only had one chance to get what he wanted most. “So no.”

“hm… why not tell me what you want kid… and we can make a fun deal...” She started to ready herself for the usual. Wealth, power, sex…

“… I want to be a girl and for everyone to think I had always been one.”

Emari’s jaw dropped. “Wha…?”

“You can do that… right?” Tom asked his tone as even as possible.

Emari suddenly laughed. “Oh that’s so funny!” She continued laughing in her magic circle.

“Stop laughing or I’ll use the holy water on you!” He said as he showed a water. “The book said this will scar you permanently.”

Emari frowned. “The book says a lot of things but… I can see into a person’s heart. You don’t have the balls to hurt me… do you.” Suddenly with a glow of fire wings erupted out of her body. She stretched herself. “Toy not with these forces boy unless you are willing to pay with your life!”

Tom took a step back and dropped the water on the floor. As he did so it broke the seal! Emari was suddenly free. She smiled and took a few steps more towards him. “Wow! You are the worst demon summoner I have ever met in a thousand years!” She smiled.

Tom felt suddenly frozen. “I’ll send you ba-” he couldn’t move.

Emari sighed. “Mortal, you don’t have any power over me now that your circle is busted. I’m pretty much in control of things,” she seemed almost… disappointed. “That being said, you do interest me… and you have made me laugh. Honestly, very special gifts to a demon as me… so I’ll make you a deal.”

Tom gulped. “You’ll turn me into a girl?”

“Yeah.. I’ll do that. You will be a girl and everyone else will think it had always been so… just one thing. I get to stick around for a bit.”

“Define for a bit...”

“Oh I don’t know! How about until you decide you want things back as they were? That’s usually good enough. I’ll leave and things can go back to normal...”

“Fine.. I guess that’s good,” Tom nodded.

“Oh- one other thing...” she suddenly launched her hand out. Joshua who had been watching suddenly found his body lifted and getting closer!

“Ahh!” Josh screamed.

Tom raised his eyes. “Josh!” He cried out. “What are you doing!”

“Nothing!” Emari grinned. “Here’s the rest of the deal- you’re a girl as long as he’s a girl too!” She smiled. “Two cute sisters- it will be great! Any objections mister demon summoner?”

Tom glanced at Josh… he could have what he wanted but only if… “Well...”

“I don’t want to have a sister!” Josh suddenly cried out.

“Wonderful! It’s all settled then.”

There was a sudden bright flash of light…

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