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2. Inhabitors and Observers

1. The Drafting Board

Inhabitors and Observers

on 2018-03-06 05:02:10
Episode last modified by JDRiley on 2018-03-09 20:34:29

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There exists a dimension existing outside of our reality, a dimension beyond time. Within this dimension are many portals, all leading to every life currently in existence. Those who come across this dimension are granted the power to inhabit the lives of whoever they choose, with certain restrictions and limitations. Inhabitors do not change physically once they are inhabiting another life, but gain the new life's possessions, clothing, skills, relationships, personality traits, etc, and will be treated as such. Even things such as gender and age are not an issue here, an adult can live as a child, and a woman can live as a man. To counterbalance these changes to reality, the Inhabited would live as the Inhabitor, and reality would be similarly adjusted for them, with their previous life and knowledge of the dimension being purged from their mind. To this end, Inhabitors could then inhabit other lives for business or pleasure.

Of course, the abundance of Inhabitors eventually led to the Observer program. Here, selected people were given the power to see reality as it truly is, and have similar privileges, with the intent that they were there to make sure the Inhabitors weren't abusing their new power, and to make sure they aren't acting out of character.

There are of course, rules for these new powers.

  1. Both Inhabitors and Observers can see reality for what it truly is.

  2. No two Inhabitors can switch lives without mutual consent.

  3. Minors under the age of 18 are off-limits to smokers, sex workers, or sex offenders.

  4. In the event of minors inhabiting the lives of adults or adults inhabiting minors, reality will be adjusted so that minors are not engaging in sexual activity.

  5. Well-known public figures are reserved for Inhabitors and Observers with special privileges.

  6. Once inhabiting another life, Inhabitors are forbidden to reveal their true identity or actively break character unless they are making contact with a fellow Inhabitor or Observer.

  7. Do not, under any circumstances, try to convince any unaware Inhabited of those living as them.

  8. Any abuse of Inhabiting powers or repeated violation of the above rules will result in the Inhabitor or Observer's powers revoked and all memory of the dimension erased.

Now that we've got everything out of the way, who shall we follow?

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