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2. A Joker

1. Altered Fates

Tom the prankster

on 2005-04-19 05:29:18

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Tom was sprinting down the street trying to find a place to hide. If he didn't find one soon, they will definitely catch up to him.

What's that? A Yard Sale? Not the perfect place, but Tom was getting tired of running and there was no other option. He slowed down to a jog as he reached the driveway and he walk up to some lady who seemed to be running the joint.

"Hey..." Tom panted "Could... I use ...your bathroom?"

"Uh, yeah sure," the lady replied "but only if you buy something" she added as a joke.

"Yeah, sure, whatever lady... Just tell me where your john is" Tom said as he glanced over his shoulder. Come on lady, they will round that corner any second.

"Through that door, and down the hallway to your left." Without so much as a thanks, Tom burst through the indicated door, went to the bathroom and locked the door. He stood up on the toilet and tried to look out the small window. It faced to the side yard and if he opened it slightly he could see when his pursuers came.

He stood there trying to catch his breath. That moron Randy and his pals just couldn't take a joke. I mean it wasn't as though Tom knew that Randy was allergic to flour. He just thought it would be funny to set off a flour time bomb in his dorm room.

"Damn" said Tom, Nobody could seem to take a joke now a days. Just the other day for instance, his RA threatened to have him reported just for letting 10 litle snakes in the girl's shower. It wasn't as though they were posionous or anything. They just wanted to play.

Tom saw 3 or 4 buff guys jog up to the yard sale. He stuck his head back inside the bathroom. All he could do now was wait it out. He would give them a good 10 minutes before he retreated from his hideout.

Tom looked around him. Damn he was bored. Tom never did like just waiting. He couldn't stand having his hands not doing something. Tom looked in some of the cabinets and found a few rolls of toilet paper and a bucket that was obviously intended for stopping a leak in the sink. He grinned.

Tom grabbed some materials and set to work. If he did this just right, when someone opened the door, the bucket filled with water would dump and toilet paper would fly at them. It wouldn't be as great as the time when he used rotten egg whites and chicken feathers but these were the only materials available.

There was a knock at the door. "Excuse me sir, are you alright in there"

Damn, he said to himself again "Uh, yeah" he called out "I will be just a minute" He looked at his watch. Holy Crap, this prank took him almost 20 minutes. Tom made a mental note to practice and get his timing better.

After a quick glance out the window, Tom demmed it safe to escape. Slowly opening the door, he made his exit. There was a kid out by the door waiting to use the bathroom.

"Finally," said the boy as he went to open the door.

"Whoa, sport, might not want to go in there just yet" Tom made a motion of having stunk up the place. "I opened the window to help vent it out, but you still should wait a bit, if you know what I mean."

The boy nodded his head and told Tom that he would wait for his own sake.

Tom sighed, that was close. Tom learned long ago that if you were to do a prank, you should never be near it when it goes off. That was rule 101.

He strolled out of the house and was almost at the sidewalk when he heard a voice. "Oh excuse me, sir" Tom turned around and was face to face with that lady that had told him of the bathroom.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Oh, uh nothing really" she replied. Then gaining her courage she said "Its just that you did promise that you would buy something if I let you use the bathroom"

Tom sighed. God, people could be annoying. But she did give him a hide out so he should repay the debt. He walked over to the nearest table and grabbed something. "How much?"

"Oh, uh I don't know, how 'bout a dollar."

"k" he said and he tossed her a dollar coin from his pocket. Suddenly there came a scream of a boy from the house.

"Uh oh" Tom mumbled. It sounded as though his prank went off before he wanted it to. While the lady ran off into the house, Tom made his way down the driveway trying to be as calm as possible.

He decided to pickpocket a few things as he went. Some old trinkets and maybe some old articles of clothing. When he had made it to the sidewalk, he heard that boy again, and he was yelling "Him! Him! It was that guy there!"

Tom didn't even need to turn around. He just burst into a sprint as 2 or 3 people chased after him. He chuckled to himself. He had left that place the same way he arrived.

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